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Audi A6L

TFSI Vogue S tronic
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Audi A6L Super car

For the Audi A6L, the future belongs to people who create it. It is equipped with the third-generation 1.8 TFSI® engine, which can release more energy with less fuel consumption and integrates the revolutionary drive technologies into one. Its perfect and beautiful outer design brings you a type of cross-level luxury comfort, making an unprecedented driving desire rise from the bottom of your heart . All these stem from Audi’s unique car-making concept: All these cutting-edge technologies can make sense only when they are presented in your favorite way.

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  • The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission ensures the quick shift, making the driver almost imperceptible of any sense of frustration. This process does not have any loss of power, which makes the car have outstanding energy efficiency. Either automatic shift or manual shift via the optional shift paddles can give you a very smooth feeling in driving. In addition, the S tronic® also greatly reduces its fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions due to its high energy efficiency.

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  • The rear ventilated massage chairs, which are elegantly designed in your favorite way, can meet your unique needs in a variety of modes. When you sit in such a chair, you can calmly manipulate the simple-to-use central console as well as the ventilated massage seat. Meanwhile, the ventilated massage seat can provide a variety of interior color options to meet your individual needs at any time.

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  • The Matrix LED headlamp, which the Audi A6L is equipped with, uses the all-new hawkeye design concept, highlighting the sunlight-like light color and fully displaying the progressive spirit and the innovation spirit. Moreover, thanks to the real-time surveillance of cameras and multiple sets of sensors, the Audi A6L can also turn on or off lights by group and identify vehicles according to the actual situation. This LED technology, which can automatically dim, is also taking care of the safety of other road traffic participants. It is not just an innovative vehicle technology but is more a deep insight into the traffic safety while making night driving safer and more comfortable.
    In addition, the Audi Matrix LED headlamp has an important feature, that is, its LED lights can be individually controlled, so it can sometimes turn into a spot and sometimes transform into a dynamic light belt. You can adjust it based on your needs.

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  • In the emergency situation, the time is not counted in seconds but in milliseconds. The Audi pre sense, which the Audi A6L is equipped with, can not only alert the driver that an emergency situation is appearing, but also further increase the braking force when necessary. In critical situations, the Audi pre sense will be automatically started to protect the occupants and reduce the risk of collision. Meanwhile, ESP control module also transmits data. By making use of these different sources of information, Audi pre sense can learn the situation surrounding the vehicle in real time. In addition, the front version of the Audi pre sense adds ACC Stop & Go on the basis of the basic version, and its radar sensor monitors the area in front of the vehicle at any time.

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