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Audi Drive Select allows you to drive with your minds
The Audi Drive Select, which the Audi A6L is equipped with, has five driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Auto, Efficiency and Personality. The Personality mode allows you to make personalized settings on the driving experience-related functions; and the Comfort mode can provide you with the most pleasant driving experience on a long journey. As the driving mode changes, the engine and the transmission will respond to changes in the throttle position in different ways. Their response is sometimes more direct and immediate and sometimes even more balanced. Meanwhile, the shifting conditions also vary with the driving mode: in the Sport mode, the engine shifts gears only at high speed; but in the Comfort mode, the engine can shift gears at low speed. In addition, the curve lighting system can automatically adjust along with the driving mode.
Great quattro®, the matchless permanent all-wheel drive system
The quattro® permanent all-wheel drive system uses a step less mode to distribute the needed driving force to the respective right and left rear wheels to ensure the flexibility and mobility of the car when the car runs at corners. Once the wheels on a drive shaft lose the grip and are about to slip, the power will be transmitted onto another drive shaft through the center differential. Thanks to this excellent system, the front and rear shafts have a basic driving force distribution ratio of 40: 60 -- 40% for the front shaft and 60% for the rear shaft. Needless to say, during acceleration, the system will provide greater traction while increasing safety through the excellent grip. The more unique place of the quattro® permanent all-wheel drive is the driving experience. Some customers say: "The car seems to be stuck on the road", but our own comment is: quattro® permanent all-wheel drive system makes driving more smooth and safer.


Audi active lane departure warning system makes the driving trip full of fun and worry-free
The Audi A6L is equipped with the Audi active lane departure warning system. When the system is ready for operation and the driver does not turn on the turn indicator, the system will keep the vehicle traveling in the lane marking range by slight steering correction. At the same time, the driver can select different work modes: keep turning before the car crosses the lane marking, or start turning when the car is about to cross the lane marking (that is, early / late turning). In addition, it is also allowed to set the steering wheel vibration to alert the driver of the lane departure.


Four-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning makes every journey pleasant leisurely
Audi A6L is forward-looking and is comprehensively upgraded. The car is equipped with a negative ion generator, which can purify the air inside the vehicle in real time, making the internal environment comfortable. At the same time, based on the deluxe automatic air conditioning, the car adds the digital display control panel, enabling passengers and the driver to independently adjust the temperature and air flow to ensure that everyone in the car always stays in a cozy atmosphere. The sensitive temperature and humidity sensors can detect the temperature and humidity in the car at all times to provide superior environment experience for everyone in the car, making each journey leisurely and comfortable.


MMI® High-end navigation system brings you to anywhere.
The all-new Audi MMI® high-end navigation system redefines the car entertainment system with an intelligent design, a simple operation mode and a flexible interconnect system. Through Audi connect, you can easily control the vehicle settings, the navigation system, the telephone and other features, make the manipulation mode easier and the use of complex technologies as simple and pleasant as childhood games.
Audi connect can link people with a light click
Audi connect technology can access the Internet in real time and narrow the interaction between the human and the car and the environment. It can provide a series of online information and services, including weather, news, flight information, road traffic restriction and traffic violations. Moreover, through the in-car WiFi, the user can effectively avoid signal instability while the vehicle is moving. With mobile apps, the user can get the current status information of his or her car through the remote service. The Audi connect makes everything become simple and information readily available at any time.