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Audi A6L 40 e-tron

All-new Audi A6L e-tron strides toward the future with one step

As an important support model for the Audi e-tron development strategy, the all-new Audi A6L e-tron offers a variety of drive mode options and can perfectly adapt to the two main charging modes – the household socket and the public charging pile, effectively achieve a sporty, high-efficiency driving experience and satisfy your flexible travel needs. Making every section of the road you pass through can become a pleasant journey for you.

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  • Audi A6L e-tron possesses three types of driving modes, of which, the driving mileage under pure electric mode could reach 50km; and the integrated driving mileage under mix automatic mode could reach 850km, contributing to full leverage of batter power to reduce emissions.Among various options, less energy consumption and more power allow you enjoy efficient and environmental friendly low-carbon driving.

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  • The Audi A6L 40 e-tron introduces Audi connect, one of the Audi brand’s pioneer technologies, into it. In order to achieve the connection of the vehicle with the Internet, Audi connect provides exclusive services for the Audi A6L 40 e-tron, including vehicle status, driving data, remote charging control and charging station information. In addition, Audi connect can also provide users with weather, news, POI search and road rescue and other online human-computer interaction features.

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  • As a plug-in hybrid model, the Audi A6L e-tron is perfectly suited to the two main charging modes – the household socket and the public charging pile, easily providing more convenience for your travel. When you choose the household socket to recharge your car, you only needs to install a wall-mounted charging box in your garage and your garage will be transformed into "your private dedicated charging station". If you use public charging piles, the charging time of the Audi A6L e-tron will be reduced to 138 minutes. A variety of charging modes make each of your trips full of extraordinary fun.

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  • The matrix LED headlights carried by Audi A6L 40 e-tron can shine their value in a clearer way.Not only that, thanks to its multi-functional camera with real-time monitoring and self-detection functions, Audi A6L 40 e-tron can also enable the opening of high beam selectively, thus reducing eye fatigue, offering safer and more comfortable driving at night.

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