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All New Audi A6L TFSI e

All New Audi A6L TFSI e
A Way Leading Well into the Future

Appearance design and details
Shining technologies of the future

The new Audi A6L TFSI e represents a leap into the future. While preserving the classical elements of aggressiveness and firmness, it embraces the unknown in a new way. As a new avant-garde model of plug-in hybrid power electric vehicle, it benefits from leading-edge technologies and stands out in the market of executive cars. The new Audi A6L TFSI e boasts both a 2.0L turbocharging engine with an output power up to 185kW and a 105kW motor, which together form the core power system, resulting in a maximum overall power output of 270kW and a maximum overall torque output of 500Nm. The new generation of quattro ultra, an intelligent all-wheel drive system, also contributes to strong power and excellent maneuverability. With this model, you may feel thrilling moments of dizzying speed, or leisurely time with 54 km endurance mileage in BEV mode.
The unique exterior details of the new Audi A6L TFSI e make it special on the road. While the matrix LED headlight and the 19’’ multi-frame aluminum alloy hubs with a low rolling resistance come as standard, the multi-unit horizontal LED driving light is exclusive to this model. The curved expressive nacelle lines add further to the self-evident sharpness and charm.

Light design
Popular fashions of today

Lighting technologies have been always a trademark of Audi brand, and they present themselves again as the focus of attention on the new Audi A6L TFSI e. The standard matrix LED headlight illuminates the road ahead for you at night, and the symbolic triple-frame daytime running light makes your car highly recognizable even during hours of daylight. Appearing as a pioneer of the new energy era, the new Audi A6L TFSI e provides distinctive lights. The sporty front bumper is flanked by multi-unit daytime driving lights exclusive to Audi electric vehicle family. Working in conjunction with the intelligent road traffic identification system, these lights allow you to dodge nearby pedestrians and vehicles dexterously. Whether you are driving over a mountain track at night or on an urban road illuminated by neon lights, the new Audi A6L TFSI e is a great showcase of your confidence and success.
The distinctively serrated and segmented LED taillight is another highlight of this model. When an all new A6L TFSI e passes by, out of the corner of your eye, you can easily tell it. The highly recognizable profile makes it another great example of the outstanding design of an executive car. While adding more dynamics to the profile of the taillight, the chrome-plated decorations running across the vehicle join different parts of the light like a bridge. Thanks to the precise luminance control and 180° lighting range without any blind spot, the all new A6L TFSI e is capable of providing practical lighting in all weather conditions - a feast for your eyes, and an exhibition of fashion.

Cockpit design and high-tech equipment
A high-tech cockpit outstripping other luxurious executive models

The cockpit design of the all new Audi A6L TFSI e benefits from the heritage of flagship models of Audi family, and meanwhile the new generation of cockpit has been introduced into this luxurious executive model. The horizontally stretching metal lines and alloy panels give shape to a multi-layer central console, which conceals the vent of the air conditioner. The functional zoning of the central console has been further simplified with the new double-tier MMI® display screen of split type, and the dark UI blends naturally with the piano panel. As a pioneer of the new energy era, the new Audi A6L TFSI e is rich in metallic interior elements, with grey metal aluminum panels coming as standard and red metal aluminum textures as an option. These parts are present throughout the cockpit, from the central console to the steering wheel, and to the gear-shifting platform. Visually enjoyable, they truly capture the Audi design ethos of “inspiring the future with technologies”. Not only that, they are assembled in such a way to create a subtle and agreeable tactile appeal. Riding experiences superior to other luxurious executive models are generated with the double-glazed sound-insulating windows, the superior Bang & Olufsen sound system from Denmark, and the new scent system - all measuring up to the standard of flagship models.

An intelligent touch control system of the new era

The new generation of full touch & feedback MMI® system is now a part of the all new Audi A6L TFSI e. The ingenuity of the system lies in the skillful combination of the traditional touch feeling of Audi’s German mechanical parts and the stylish touch input function. In a time with constantly expanding and advancing automotive technologies, the need for more intelligent operations is also growing. Consequently, pure mechanical control alone is no longer able to meet the high-tech demand of Audi models. On board this model, the double-screen (upper and lower) design results in a highly integrated operation area of the central console, where input and feedback information and instructions can be centrally handled. The pressure-induced vibration mechanism not only greatly reduces false operations on the touch screen by the driver, but also creates exactly the same feeling as a smooth mechanical button. Since a delicate and simple UI in dark color is adopted and concealed artfully in the black baking finish of the central console, glares felt by the driver are minimized. The new generation of MMI® system also enables you to switch smoothly between different driving modes of the new Audi A6L TFSI e.

A re-evolution of Audi virtual cockpit

The new generation of Audi virtual cockpit is another trademark of Audi brand. The new design has been geared to a richer variety of driving technologies. Rather than a pure display, it contains a complete driving system that brings abundant and juicy riding information as well as more comprehensive interaction experiences to the driver. A high level of interaction exists between the Audi virtual cockpit system and the MMI® system. As a pioneer of the new energy era, the new Audi A6L TFSI e has integrated a PHEV-specific interface in Audi virtual cockpit system. Thanks to the unique energy displays, learning conditions of your car in real time is an easy task. In dynamic mode, clear power energy feedback is provided. In BEV driving mode, accurate electric charge feedback allows you to take full control of energy consumption and realize super-high mileage.

A leading rear seat design

The cockpit design of the new Audi A6L TFSI e is a great demonstration of German craftsmanship and luxury. The mix of real leather and Alcantara materials is found abundantly in interior space, creating more agreeable experiences for drivers and passengers thank to their fine assembly process. The new Audi A6L TFSI e also features large quantities of leather parts and glass panels combined together. The quietly elegant metallic parts feel soothing and exude the fashion of technologies. As the products of an exquisite Audi assembly process, they form a central console full of technical charm together with the dark glass panels. The seat design of the new Audi A6L TFSI e is also characterized by integration between real leather and Alcantara. The sporty contour adds to bearing capacity, while the soft Alcantara creates more comfort for riders. All offered by the new Audi A6L TFSI e to you are top-class experiences.

Intelligent driving
All-scenario intelligent driver assistance systems

The all new Audi A6L TFSI e is equipped with a great number of intelligent driver assistance systems. The front multifunctional radar system, night vision system, and all-scenario intelligent driver aid system cover all parking and driving scenarios. In the course of parking, comprehensive active and reactive protections are provided by panoramic 3D imaging system, hub protection system, and rear junction reversing & passing aid system. Once parked, the new electric door unlocking system provides you with door-opening alarms. While on the road, the 360°overall pre-collision system, ACC adaptive cruising control system, and junction and narrow road passage aid system offer full driving protections. The more diverse high-tech driving devices bring your new Audi A6L TFSI e to a higher level of safety and intelligence, securing its leading position in luxurious executive car market. With all these technologies, your car is always an eye-catching existence.

quattro® ultra: an evolution of intelligent all-wheel drive system

The all new Audi A6L TFSI e has employed the new generation of quattro® ultra - the intelligent all-wheel drive system. This generation features a fundamental change not only in structural form, but also in design logic. The quattro® ultra system is able to sense environmental variations and make corresponding adjustments on the road. For example, it may learn weather conditions and get prepared for temperature rise in advance, adjust to elevation changes in a tour toward higher terrains, predict a rainfall based on air humidity changes, or inform you of poor road conditions ahead. With sensors distributed throughout the car, quattro® ultra collects complicated weather and road condition information at an interval of millimeters, and on the basis determines and switches to the most suitable all-wheel drive mode beforehand in order to realize the best distribution of driving power. When you switch the driving mode to dynamic, quattro® ultra will try to maximize the power output of rear wheels as a way of creating better dynamic experiences. Whatever you desire, quattro® ultra is a step ahead and fully prepared. All you need to do is holding the steering wheel.
As an all-wheel drive system under Audi brand, quattro® has evolved for a few generations. From zero-delay response of a pure mechanical structure to the current early intelligent prediction system of quattro® ultra, the drivers are afforded both more intelligent all-drive driving experiences and more efficient energy consumptions. In addition, the progressive steering system will come as standard on the new Audi A6L TFSI e.

New electricity-based power system
Brand new plug-in hybrid power system

As a pioneer of the new energy era in Audi executive car family, the new Audi A6L TFSI e is equipped with a revolutionary PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) system. Benefiting from a 2.0L turbocharging engine and a powerful motor, this model provides surging power, very low fuel consumption, and the resulting super-high mileage. Rather than reducing the capacity of the fuel engine, the additional electric system further increases the maximum power of the 2.0L turbocharging engine to 185kW. The electric system characterized by a high torque output also endows the new Audi A6L TFSI e with a mighty explosive force during acceleration, allowing it to sprint from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour within 6.7 seconds. Less visible and yet equally important are lower fuel consumption and stronger endurance.
The endurance mileage of the new Audi A6L TFSI e in electric vehicle mode is 54km (NEDC standard), equal to a round trip between the West Fourth Ring and the East Fifth Ring of Beijing. This means fuel consumption could be controlled at zero if you travel within this range limit. Even in hybrid power mode, there is nothing to worry about. The newly optimized hybrid power system brings the 100 km fuel consumption of this model down to 2.1L. With the new Audi A6L TFSI e, the trade-off between mileage and fuel saving is no longer a concern.
The new Audi A6L TFSI e offers three driving modes: electric vehicle (EV), automatic hybrid power (Auto), and hybrid power holding (Hold). Different choices are therefore available for the driver. Your desire for passionate driving or super-high mileage can be easily met by the new Audi A6L TFSI e.
The new Audi A6L TFSI e provides two charging approaches for various settings. With a charging wall box at a fixed or new energy parking space, you can have your car fully charged within two and a half hours. This time is about 8 hours if a household charging line on board is used. You may also realize a series of interconnected functions like remote charging control and remote air conditioner control by using Apps in your mobile phone. They help you learn the conditions of your new A6L TFSI e in real time and get ready for a journey at any time.

Favorable license plate and traffic restriction policies for new energy cars in urban areas

The new Audi A6L TFSI e, as an electric vehicle, qualifies for national new energy policies. Consequently, it’s exempted from purchase tax. On top of that, it receives favorable terms of varying degrees for new energy cars in cities across the nation where license plate and traffic restriction policies have been enacted. Please refer to local new energy policies and regulations for details.

Audi e-shopping
The most earnest car purchase support

  • Multiple financial schemes are provided for customers, with zero rent advancement, a down payment as low as 15%, and an interest rate of 3.66%;
  • The scope of responsibility for accidents of 8 partners provides protection for power batteries;
  • If you purchase by yourself or your family members, you can enjoy three free maintenance after joining the club;
  • A subsidy up to RMB 8000 is provided for a trade-in purchase;
  • Vehicle purchasers are reducted or exempted of vehicle purchase tax;
  • Free green cards for cities with restricted purchases.

Audi e-charging
Convenient and efficient 360° charging services

  • Safe, efficient and convenient smart home charging equipment;
  • Lifetime free installation rights;
  • Industry-leading, high-quality and one-stop installation service, including 40-meter cable;
  • Audi App has access to more than 220 thousand charging pile resources in 300+ cities;
  • Realize all functions covering the entire charging journey of users, such as search piles-navigation-charging-payment-comments-invoices;
  • With more than 120 thousand user charging reviews, it provides a comprehensive reference for users to choose charging stations;
  • Support public universal charging cards and coupons of all major charging operators, one card in hand, worry-free charging;
  • Free 1.8KW emergency charging cable;
  • Covering dealer charging stations and CAMS overcharging stations in core cities, it is expected to achieve 3,000 charging piles by the end of 2021.

Audi e-driving
Assuring driving experiences

  • With the powerful service network, maintenance operators will arrive at the site and eliminate safety risks rapidly depending on specific user needs;
  • During the warranty period, free roadside assistance services are provided due to product quality problems, and replacement car services are provided during maintenance.

Audi e-insurance
Honorable after services

  • The battery, motor, and electronic control system have a warranty of 8 years / 120,000 kilometers;
  • Complete vehicle 3 years or 10W kilometers, support customers to purchase vehicle extended warranty products up to 6 years;
  • The nationwide network provides top-grade sale and after-sale services;
  • Covering 60 deep power battery maintenance centers (with more under construction) across the nation, contributing to reduced customer maintenance cost;
  • NEV customers who make an appointment will enjoy exclusive reception consultants and maintenance stations;
  • Battery recycling services are provided by authorized distributors across the nation, contributing to both environment protection and safety.

Design is about details

Exploring more beauties in the design of All New Audi A6L TFSI e

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  • The endurance mileage of the new Audi A6L TFSI e in electric vehicle mode is 54km (NEDC standard).

  • The new Audi A6L TFSI e boasts both a 2.0L turbocharging engine with an output power up to 185kW and a 105kW motor, which together form the core power system.

  • The new generation of quattro ultra, an intelligent all-wheel drive system, also contributes to strong power and excellent maneuverability.

  • The unique exterior details of the new Audi A6L TFSI e make it special on the road.

  • An intelligent touch control system of the new era.

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