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Audi S6

4.0 TFSI quattro 331 kW S tronic S tronic
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Audi S6 Exudes the beauty of sportiness

The Audi S6 races with the future at every step. It can be an outstanding business car and can also be a versatile, refined family car, or even be an elegant and excellent sports car. Moreover, thanks to the extraordinary performance of the V8 TFSI® engine and the Audi quattro® permanent four-wheel drive system which the car is equipped with, the performance of the car is improved dramatically. In addition, BOSE surround sound system can restore clear and real moving melodies, enabling you to always drive pleasantly and leisurely.

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  • It is much lighter and more economical. The Audi ultra-lightweight technology of the Audi S6 combines strength and durability. From the use of innovative materials such as aluminum, carbon and magnesium, to the adoption of intelligent design concepts, to integrated and economical production processes, minimizing weight and production processes, allowing each automotive component to be closely integrated to achieve energy savings. This is where the Audi ultratra lightweight technology is well known. Regardless of the present or the future, continuous advancement is only one goal: to make cars emit less and less CO2.

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  • The Audi S6 car is equipped with the four-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning, which has indirect ventilation and sunlight sensors and can automatically control temperature, air flow and air distribution. Passengers and the driver can independently adjust temperature and air flow to ensure that everyone in the car always stays in a cozy atmosphere. Sensitive temperature and humidity sensors can detect the temperature and humidity in the car at all times to provide superior environment experience for everyone in the car, making each journey leisurely and comfortable.

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  • No car can be so elegantly lithe like the Audi S6. The car has a fascinating sense of sportiness, eye-catching flat taillights and dynamic luminous LED lights with a strong sense of sportiness. Every detail is extremely fascinating. The sports bumper design, the chrome yellow mosaic on the tailgate and the classic S curve all show a vibrant sporty smell. Even the rear and roof air deflectors also look very dynamic.

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  • The Audi S6 is equipped with the start-stop system, which can automatically shut down the engine when the car stops temporarily, for example, waiting for a red light, thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. But when the driver releases the brake pedal, the system will quietly and quickly start the engine to let the car move forward. The whole process is very smooth. This can effectively achieve low fuel consumption and low emissions. In addition, the system can be turned off with the key at any time.

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