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All New Audi A7 Sportback

All New Audi A7 Sportback
The new Class C luxury coupe combining intelligence and aesthetics

With its progressiveness, sportiness and high-quality production process, the all new Audi A7 Sportback is so attractive with integrated elegance, sportiness and personality, bringing you an excellent driving experience. In addition, the Audi connect technology installed on the model for the first time and a series of safety guarantee systems make its maneuvering, comfort and safety even more outstanding.

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  • 全新奥迪A7 Sportback 实力与外在兼具,时刻彰显前瞻未来的设计风格。

  • 全新奥迪A7 Sportback凭借进取、运动及高品质的工艺而富有吸引力,其集优雅、动感和个性于一身,为您带来出色的驾驶体验。

  • 全新奥迪A7 Sportback 以独具一格的方式诠释了新奥迪设计语言。

  • 全新奥迪A7 Sportback搭载的奥迪connect系统,可连接互联网,为您提供天气、新闻、兴趣点(POI)搜索和道路救援呼叫等多项信息服务。

  • MMI触感反馈,全新的简约操作体验。

  • 矩阵式LED前大灯,耀出时尚动感的自我风采。

  • 内饰集运动感与科技感于一体,彰显奥迪毫不妥协的高品质。

  • 奥迪connect系统,智能的人性化体验。

Flexible body lines depict the future with a concise design

In a unique way, the all new Audi A7 Sportback expresses the innovative design language of Audi. The elegant and vibrant body lines flow naturally from the tail to the front face, creating a profile similar to that of a sports car. The simple body design matches perfectly with the streamlines, exhibiting a future-oriented design style vividly.

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Electric panoramic roof

The whole roof area consists of colored glass and an electric sun shade. The freely adjustable sun shade and the integrated roof deflector widen the views to the utmost, opening up farther and broader sky for you to explore. In addition, the interior parts and lighting have been dramatically improved. The roof can be closed conveniently with the aid of a central control lock.

MMI touch feedback, simple new operation experience

The MMI touch feedback system allows you to present and operate infotainment, temperature control and other convenient functions through the touch of the full HD touch screen. When “pressing the button”, Both screens, simple in appearance, provide tactile and audio feedback, and bring completely new and convenient operation experiences to you.

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2.0 TFSI® engine delivers a strong power output

The all new Audi A7 Sportback is equipped with a 2.0 TFSI engine, which provides a power output up to 140KW and a peak torque up to 320Nm on 40 TFSI variant, promising excellent power performance. The 45 TFSI variant is even more powerful, with a power output up to 180KW and a peak torque up to 370Nm. Sensitive responses and outstanding power performance contribute to unparalleled sportiness

Adaptive cruise control system offers an omni-directional solid and reliable safety guarantee

The all new Audi A7 Sportback not only adopts a lot of innovative technology, but also is equipped with a very special function: the Audi adaptive cruise control system. The sensor can be used to control the automatic distance according to the vehicle in front, and maintain the constant distance from the preceding vehicle through automatic braking and acceleration. In addition, within the system's allowable range,the adaptive cruise system automatically detects the road ahead, effectively detecting the road ahead, and keeping the safety all the way.

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    HD matrix LED headlight
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    Advanced Bang&Olufsen sound system