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Audi RS7 Sportback Performance

4.0 TFSI quattro 412 kW tiptronic tiptronic
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Audi RS7 Sportback Performance the king of its kind

Elegant appearance, strong power, innate sports performance and cutting-edge car-making technique, the integration of advantages making RS7 Sportback Performance standing out of its kind. When you open the door, the superb material and exquisite craft of the cabin will tell you: all of them will belong to you. The unique model with superb performance has shocked the market.

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  • The rear design of new Audi RS7 Sportback Performance outlines unique artistic shape with concise and sharp rear line. Besides, the rear part adopts LED rear lights, the shaping of the lighting set corresponds to the headlight, bringing more technical sense to the visual effect.

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  • Audi RS7 Sportback Performance is powered by 4.0 TFSI® biturbo V8 engine which uses innovative technology of Audi cylinder running as per needs. It features a maximum power up to 445kW (605 horsepower) and maximum torque of up to 750Nm, with 0-100km/h of just 3.7 seconds. Such strong power output and power per litre performance make the engine 4.0 excel in the mass-produced car engines. When lightly stepping on the accelerator, only four cylinders works, while there are no distinct difference when driving. Audi AVS system closes the inlet and the outlet, and cut the oil injection and ignition of corresponding cylinder, suggesting that there is no input of air or discharge of oil or gas. On urban roads and highways, it could reduce oil consumption and emissions by closing 4 cylinders without compromising power.

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  • The matrix LED headlight of Audi RS7 Sportback Performance gives it dynamic and unique character, which could weaken the dazzling effect under adverse sight conditions (fog, rain or snow), reduce eye fatigue and optimize the lighting effect, thus paving the way forward.

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  • Audi lightweight technology lets go a step further in the future
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    Ultra is the general name of Audi’s groundbreaking lightweight technology. Now, quite some Audi Ultra lightweight technologies have been successfully applied in Audi’s RS7 Sportback Performance. One innovative measure is to adopt the wavy external edge and the brake disc with aluminium disk hub, so as to improve the rolling feature of vehicle due to lower unsprung weight. In addition, as each lightweight part will impact its surrounding parts, each gram lighter could make it more efficient.

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4.0 TFSI quattro biturbo V8 engine
  • Sports suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC)
  • Ceramic brake
  • Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System
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  • 4.0 TFSI quattro biturbo V8 engine