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New Audi S7 Sportback

4.0 TFSI quattro 331 kW S tronic S tronic
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New Audi S7 Sportback The extreme sports style displays a type of beauty which cannot be copied

When the new Audi S7 Sportback enters your sight with an extremely beautiful shape, your attention cannot escape from its body at all. Its sporty appearance design and matrix LED headlights make each line agile and graceful. In addition, the excellent grip and agile maneuverability of the model make it display an outstanding sports style.

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  • The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with a high-definition color screen, which is located in front of the driver's line of sight; the displayed information includes: radio frequency, the radio station’s name, the name of the song, the driver assist system’s state, the media source, speed, the temperature outside the car and other contents of the MMI®. According to different configurations, the screen can also display weather forecasts, news hotspots, points of interest (POI), navigation information, night vision system, phone menu, electronic speed table, the closed states of doors and the baggage compartment, etc. And the energy-saving program integrated in the system can help you learn the fuel consumption information, energy consumption, economic driving mode tips as well as the simple and lucid display information of the title bar and status bar. The display screen can automatically adjust its own height. You can operate it through the multi-functional steering wheel.

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  • The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with LED headlamps as a standard configuration. The new technology can achieve lighting effects which are close to the solar effects. The compact arrangement mode can ensure the lighting brightness. The optional Audi matrix LED headlamps can sometimes present spot-shaped lighting and sometimes form a dynamic belt-shaped lighting, shining an intelligent light.

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  • The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with night vision system, which uses the infrared camera to monitor the area within 15 to 90 meters in front of the vehicle. Once the system finds any pedestrian, it can immediately locate the pedestrian and flash a yellow light to highlight it on the display. If the system judges that there will be a risk that the pedestrian may collide with the vehicle, the color used to display the pedestrian will turn into red and the system will alarm the driver. You can turn on/off the night vision system through a button on the headlight switch, and you can also customize the pedestrian display mark, alarm signals and image contrast ratio through the vehicle setting menu of the multimedia interactive system.

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  • The very sporty design of the new Audi S7 Sportback draws every line agilely and elegantly. When you move your eyes from the slender, graceful cabin cover to the LED headlights and then keep your eyes onto the front bumper, you will feel a type of unbearable impulse to burst out in your heart. The elegance and agility of the model display its extraordinary sporty temperament.

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4.0 TFSI
  • Inlays in Piano finish black
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Exterior mirror housings painted in body colour
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