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New Audi S7 Sportback

4.0 TFSI quattro 331 kW S tronic S tronic
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Audi pre sense system offers an omni-directional solid and reliable safety guarantee
The new Audi S7 Sportback not only has a lot of innovative technology, but also is equipped with a very special function: Audi pre sense system. Various vehicle systems cooperate with each other to evaluate the vehicle’s driving state and implement interventions when necessary in order to protect the passengers and reduce the risk of collision. The front and rear of the vehicle are equipped with radar sensors to detect the areas before and behind the vehicle; and the inner view mirror (the highest place of the cabin) is also installed with a camera to monitor the areas before and behind the vehicle and deliver 25 images per second. In addition, the ESP control module also transmits data. With the help of these different sources of information, the Audi pre sense system can have a real-time understanding of the vehicle's surrounding situation.


Adaptive cruise control can effectively detect the road condition ahead, so that you are safe all the way
The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with the adaptive cruise control. Through sensors, it can maintain a constant distance from the front car by automatic braking and acceleration. In addition, within its allowable range, the adaptive cruise control can automatically detect the road ahead. When the vehicle speed is less than 30km/h, the system can automatically intervene in the maximum braking force to avoid dangers or reduce the severity of the danger if the vehicle has the risk of colliding with a static or moving vehicle in front.
The start/stop system optimizes the allocation of resources
The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with the start/stop system. When the vehicle state shifts from the driving state into the stop state, the system can automatically shut down the engine, thus reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. For example, when the driver steps down on the brake pedal to stop the car before a red light, the system will shut down the engine; when his foot leaves the brake pedal, the engine will start immediately.


The sports front seats meet the needs of bold and unrestrained drivers
The dynamic, fashionable S sports seats at front of the new Audi S7 Sportback comprehensively enhance the comfortable ride enjoyment. Meanwhile, you can also upgrade the seats into Valcona leather seats. In addition, the seats support the electric adjustment and display sporty characteristics among the elegance. The S7 embossing on the upper part of the backrest introduces the whole vehicle into an all new realm.
Park assist system with front-view and reversing camera
The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with the park assist system, which can provide you with the overall perspective nearby the car through the front and rear images on the MMI® display. In addition, in order to help the car safely enter or leave the narrow parking lane, the system can also automatically provide the overall, front and rear as well as left and right display modes.


Audi connect system makes your journey full of endless fun
The new Audi S7 Sportback is equipped with the Audi connect system, which can access the Internet to provide you with weather, news, POI (points of interest) search, road rescue calls and other information services. The user only needs to make some simple operations in MMI® system and then can query the weather information of different cities, read news or search navigation and POI online.
Bang & Olufsen audio enables you to enjoy clear, high-fidelity sounds
The audio system has a total of 15 speakers, including the subwoofer and the main speaker, having a total power of over 1200 Watt. It can provide you a high-fidelity auditory feast. The speaker cover has a polished aluminum look, and each speaker has independent sound channels. The float-type sound lens device can ensure that each seat has the superior auditory effects; the system is equipped with 10-channel all-digital power amplifiers, as well as the bass and the mega bass using the all-digital 5-channel ICE speakers; the system is also equipped with 5.1 surround sound; the protective film on the surface of the speakers can provide excellent privacy, effectively avoiding the in-car sound from drifting to the outside, for example, when you use Bluetooth to talk with friends; the system also has the noise compensation function.