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A8L W12

A8L W12
FSI quattro Flagship tiptronic
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The rear axle sports differential enables you to drive at corners calmly
The Audi A8L W12 also optionally provides the rear axle sports differential for users pursuing sportiness. Such a device makes the steering accuracy of the A8L W12 reach an unprecedented level, enabling you to drive at corners very calmly like driving on the track. In addition, the sports differential and Audi driving mode options are used together, allowing you to adjust the turning characteristics of the car to suit your own style.


Audi Space Frame(ASF®)
The Audi Space Frame is a high-strength aluminum frame structure into which all panels are integrated so that they also perform a load-bearing function. The Audi Space Frame (ASF®) is lightweight, offers greater freedom of design than steel and the components made from it are noted for their high rigidity. For you, the ASF® construction means, in specific terms, increased safety, reduced fuel consumption, sporty handling and reliable quality through the use of selected materials.
Audi Pre Sense
The Audi Pre Sense used in the new Audi A8L W12 model is detecting any potential hazards on the way while enjoying an exhilarant journey, supporting the driver in multiple stages. Firstly, it will send a warning signal and then warn the driver of temporary deceleration. If the driver presses the brake pedal at this time, the system will precisely apply force to the brakes according to the driving conditions of the vehicle in front. If the driver does not take actions after 2-stage warning, the system will stop the vehicle compulsorily, with car windows and sunroof closed, hazard indicator light activated and seatbelts tensioned. This comprehensive technology pack identifying hazards in advance and interfering with them in time represents Audi’s comprehensive, precise technologies and higher safety standards in the industry.


8-speed automatic transmission with Dynamic Shift Program (DSP)
As the latest achievements of Audi efficient module technology, the ALL-new Audi A8L W12 is equipped with the 8-speed tiptronic manual / automatic integrated transmission which has 7.0: 1 gear ratio, each gear is very closely aligned, which brings the smooth gear changing while greatly reducing the energy consumption. All of these plays a crucial role for the all-new A8L to achieve high efficiency.
Energy recuperation
The new Audi A8L W12 engine contains a energy recovery function, to achieve a higher power and lower emissions, reaching Euro 5 emission standards. And compared to previous generation models, fuel consumption and emission were reduced by an average of 18%. When the vehicle stopped, the start / stop system will shut down the engine, such as waiting for a traffic light. Start again, the driver simply release the foot brake pedal; the engine started again. Easy system operation, quiet and fast. Stop the system at any time via the button.


The Audi A8L W12 full LED headlights on each side illuminate with a tone closed to 5,500 Kelvin as the daylight, providing the driver with a broad vision during driving at night. Meanwhile, when driving at night, through the light sensing probe installed on the rearview mirror, the system will automatically change the irradiation range on the left light during the car meeting to prevent dazzling lights for the driver in the coming car.
Additional rear passenger space and luxury
The adjustable luxurious recliner in the rear seats is a major highlight of the all-new Audi A8L W12. The equipped electrically controlled footstool is comparable to the first-class seats in the aircraft. The footstool is integrated at the back of the co-driver’s seat, allowing the rear occupant change the position of the front seats electronically. The power-adjustable rear seats can be adjusted in a variety of ways: forward and back, or unfolded for the occupant to rest. The backrest also has 10 pneumatic cushions with massage function, 4 modes and 5 kinds of massage intensity will bring you with distinguished comfort.
Luxury four-zone air-conditioning creates a comfortable, pleasant interior atmosphere
In freezing winter or hot summer, the air conditioning system of the all-new Audi A8L W12 can always keep a comfortable and pleasant interior temperature for you. The luxury two-zone automatic air conditioning has separate airflows, temperature control devices and foot space temperature control devices for the driver and the front seats. They have three optional air conditioning modes: slight, moderate and intense. The sensitive temperature sensors can ensure that the windows are not blurred by condensed water vapor. The luxury four-zone air-conditioning can be individually controlled via the MMI® unit on the rear center armrest.
The front row of comfort seats gives you a well-cared ride enjoyment
The front row of comfortable seats can electrically adjust the headrest height, seat belt height, seatback height, seat angle, the front and back positions of the seat as well as the backrest’s upper and leg support, and the seats can also adjust the air cushion waist support, the air cushion on both sides of the backrest and the front seats’ memory functions.
The all-new ACC® system enables you to enjoy sceneries calmly along the way
The all-new Audi A8L W12 is equipped with the ACC Stop & Go system as a standard configuration. The radar sensors can help the car to maintain a safe distance from the front car in the 0-250 km/h range. In addition, the Stop & Go function of the system can free you completely from the slow city traffic, so that you can enjoy all the sceneries along the way.


MMI® touch
The Audi A8L W12 newest MMI® Navigation Plus is not only easy to operate, but also very convenient. Through the system operation, search and the first-launched hand-writing board, the driver can simply using the right hand write a letter or number on the control panel to enter the address or phone number, with simplified and understandable image display, the new MMI® system is more user-friendly in use
Rear seat entertainment
The full extension entertainment system can provide rear passengers to enjoy the best audio and video entertainment. Two high-definition displays whose tilt angles can be adjusted are placed on the backrests of the front seats and operated through an independent MMI® control unit installed in the rear central armrest, looking intuitive and simple, providing you with an all-round audio and video entertainment experience.The rear passengers can use DVD drives, SD card reader, and a 20G hard drive, as well as IPod, USB interface, providing more entertainment options; The two screens can display different programs; Two wireless Bluetooth headsets; The 5.1 surround sound is obtained through the hi-fi system in the car, the rear passengers can choose their programs according to their preferences.
Bang & Olufsen advanced sound system
Whether you stay in bustling cities or in the country, the Bang & Olufsen advanced sound system can always provide you a concert-class music enjoyment. The top music effect jointly achieved by 19 active speakers has even more delicate performance in the cabin which has a sophisticated acoustic design, and the intact encapsulation of speakers in the cabin preserves their gorgeous tones to the maximum, as if an extraordinary symphony orchestra goes with you throughout the whole journey.