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4.0 TFSI quattro tiptronic
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quattro® permanent four-wheel drive with sports differential
The Audi S8 is equipped with the quattro® permanent four-wheel drive. If the wheels on one axle of the vehicle lose grip on the road and threaten the vehicle to spin, then the power is transferred to the other axle – selectively distributed through the self-locking centre differential. The benefit is better traction during acceleration and improved safety due to exceptional grip. Combining torque vector, the self-locking centre differential can distribute more propulsion power to the front and rear wheels respectively. It ensures flexibility and brings dynamic, precise and controllable driving experience while providing the maximum traction.


Ceramic discs, outstanding brake performance
The ceramic disc brake can be optionally installed for the Audi S8. The ceramic discs can meet the need of higher loads, and the Audi ceramic emblem is available on the brake caliper. In this brake system, the discs of the front axle are made of carbon fiber reinforced ceramics. The material is based on solid and wearable silicon carbide which is embedded with high strength carbon fiber. This combination can realize extremely high abrasion resistance, extend the mileage, and reduce the sensitivity to high heat loads. In addition, a ceramic disc is lighter than a steel disc.
ASF®, the milestone of luxury cars
The Audi Space Frame (ASF®) adopts light aluminum alloy. Being lightweight, it also saves fuel and reduces emission. The design also greatly improves the safety performance of the entire vehicle. The torsion resisting stiffness is greatly improved, and the energy-absorbing path can be changed after collision. The stiffness distribution of the body front is variable in order to better resist head-on collision. When a collision occurs, energy is dissipated to an area far from the cockpit as much as possible, so it better ensures the completeness of the cockpit and protects the passengers’ safety maximally.


The recuperation system uses coasting and braking phases to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. When the vehicle accelerates again, the battery feeds the stored energy back into the vehicle network, taking the pressure off the alternator and thus saving fuel.


Comfort sport seats in lunar silver S design
The Audi S8-specific comfort sports seats in the lunar silver Valcona leather adopt the diamond-patterned stitching. Seams, piping and accordion pleats have been designed in the contrasting color steel grey. The seats can be adjusted electrically in multiple directions. The seat heating, ventilation and massage functions can be optionally equipped.
Active noise cancellation (ANC) for removing engine revolution noise
With the innovative ANC, you can hear pleasing engine sound in the car. It can remove the noise from engine revolution. Four microphones installed in the roof lining register background engine noise, and the engine revolution speed is obtained through the controller. The sound system will emit an anti-noise signal whose frequency overlaps the noise, so as to interfere and eliminate the noise. By using the physics of noise interference, ANC can reduce the interfering noise by 12 db or 75%.
Advanced Parking System with rear camera
The Parking System with rear camera can be optionally installed for Audi S8. The system is activated by putting into the reverse gear or pressing the Park Assist button. Before entering a crossroad, the front and rear cameras can show image within visual angle of 90 degrees. The sound signal and image aid are also provided, so the parking is easier and safer.


MMI® multimedia interactive system, easy and convenient
The Audi S8 has equipped with a new generation of multimedia interactive system as Audi MMI® music interface for the Apple iPod, Apple iPhone as well as MP3 player with an USB connections. The Audi music interface is located in the center console, via MMI® or the leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel to operate. Bluetooth phones can be connected via a Bluetooth interface to the car, so it can be carried out through loudspeakers in the car speakerphone.
In addition, the MMI® multimedia interactive system has a brand new feature - the Audi connect Internet technology, which can be used for many purposes including search points of interest (POI), enables you to quickly and easily find a hotel or restaurant, or to query travel information, weather forecast of the destination. The MMI® multimedia interactive system is equipped with the MMI Touch pad, enables you to enter numbers, letters, and gesture-driven commands.
Audi connect, a moveable service by your side
As Audi's flagship model, the Audi S8 integrates one of the three pioneer technologies of Audi – the Audi connect Internet Technology. Users can use either their own 3G SIM card or Audi supplied China Unicom 3G SIM card, insert the card into the Audi MMI® panel, or connect your 3G mobile phone via the car Bluetooth with the MMI® system, then you can connect your S8 to the Internet. Through the screen "POI call" button, you will be able to establish an one-to-one connection with the Audi service personnel and you will be able to receive the query information sent to your car. In addition, the Audi connect Internet technology also has a "Roadside Assistance Call" services. We can say that the Audi connect Internet technology has achieved an intelligent connection of people, vehicles, infrastructure implementation through the wireless network, which provides users convenient services anytime, anywhere.
The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System, makes wonderful music lingering in your ears
Innovative design, advanced technology and the best possible quality in material and workmanship – values that apply to both Audi and Bang & Olufsen. The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System for the Audi S8 once again sets new standards. This sound system offers crystal-clear Surround Sound from 19 loudspeakers, each of which has its own amplifier, which provides you with crystal-clear surround sound, make wonderful music lingering in your ears.
Rear Seat Entertainment makes your trip full of fun
The extended entertainment system which is fully integrated provides rear passengers the best entertainment enjoyment. Two HD 10.2-inch displays with an adjustable tilt angle are located on the backrests of the front seats and are fixed by adjustable brackets. The independent MMI® control unit on the rear center armrest has intuitive and simple operations and can provide more entertainment options to you. The right and left screens can display different programs. Through the in-car Audi sound system, the rear passengers can choose programs to enjoy according to their preferences.