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Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron
Electric Has Gone Audi

As the first battery electric model under Audi brand, Audi e-tron has been designed in a most meticulous way, incorporating the 110-year car development heritage in every single detail. In addition to electric power, it has been endowed with full travel possibilities. Audi e-tron heralds a new chapter of this brand, and a new chapter for your exploration as well.

Reborn classics

As a medium-large luxury battery electric SUV, Audi e-tron is highly representative of the four-ring brand, and features a future-oriented electrification design language as well. Together with the eye-catching semi-closed inlet grille, the matrix LED headlight presents a striking appearance. The brand new run-through taillights not only help create a broader contour, but also convey a distinctive avant-garde spirit. On each trip of yours, e-tron reminds you of days of the future.

More personalized customized colors to highlight your difference

Low-key luxury and full enjoyment

The interior design of Audi e-tron has incorporated materials with amazing tactile sensations distributed across the car, 900 types of interior atmosphere light, and a B&O 3D sound system with 16 speakers. Future elements blend harmoniously into this luxurious model. With a body length of more than 4.9m and a width of over 1.9m, the trunk can be easily expanded to 1725L.

Embracing the future and luxury

The MMI touch screen with touch feedback function is interconnected with the HD display and the Audi virtual cockpit system, making vehicle control a breezy task for you. With the 3D panoramic imaging system in place, you will never have to worry about narrow parking spaces or width-limiting barriers. All your fantasies about the future may become real.

High efficiency and pure electricity

NEDC has a comprehensive cruising range of 470 kilometers, DC charging only takes about 40 minutes to charge to 80%, and 20w+ public charging piles are available nationwide. It only takes 5.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers. All your anxiety about a pure electric SUV, we have filtered for you one by one.

e-tron, driving into the future confidently

The model is equipped with the brand new e-quattro all-wheel electric drive system and a unique adaptive air suspension. Three energy recovery modes are available, allowing you to deal with any road conditions with ease.

Longest range(NEDC)



Maximum speed per hour



Acceleration time from zero to 100km/h



Full protection of your safety

In 2019, Audi e-tron won the highest safety rating of IIHS. Its battery pack features a combined aluminum buffering structure and an aluminum enclosure, thus leading to complete assurance for battery safety. Wherever you go, whether in a harsh winter or a scorching summer, Audi e-tron always stays at best conditions.

All-time assurance on every journey

250 e-tron cars were tested in various environments of four continents, adding up to 85000 test hours and 5 million kilometers of mileage. These tests, along with completely refined processes, ensure that each and every car delivered to users is perfectly dependable. With 7*24 all-weather safety services and a national network of over 500 distributors, you get access to the most comprehensive after services all the time.

“Audi e-sharing” service strategy

Based on the actual needs of new energy users in China, Audi provides a complete and integrated electric service solution - “Audi e-sharing” service, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the latest advancement of electric vehicle technology in their daily life. Services are offered in four key forms: Audi e-shopping, Audi e-charging, Audi e-driving, and Audi e-insurance. These services can effectively eliminate user concerns and worries in every application scenario.

Audi e-shopping
The most earnest car purchase support

  • A rich variety of financial schemes for car purchase help you enjoy new travel modes.
  • With multiple commercial insurance offers for your free choice, more fun will be found on your journeys.
  • A universal public charging coupon with a value of RMB 6000 is offered to an Audi member or any of his/her family members when purchasing an Audi car (this coupon and the second-hand car exchange subsidy are mutually exclusive).
  • A second-hand car exchange subsidy up to RMB 10000 is offered.
  • Buyers are entitled to reduction or exemption of vehicle purchase tax.
  • A free green license plate is offered to buyers in cities subject to purchase restrictions.

Audi e-charging
Convenient and efficient 360° charging services

  • The benefits include industrial leading all-in-one installation services, safe, efficient, convenient, and smart home charging equipment, and free lifetime installation right.
  • Audi App has been connected to over 220 thousand charging piles in more than 300 cities.
  • A full range of functions covering all charging needs are provided, including searching, navigation, charging, payment, review, and invoicing.
  • With over 120 thousand user reviews as reference, a user is able to select a most desired charging station easily.
  • The universal charging cards and coupons of all mainstream charging operators are supported. One card will give access to all charging services.
  • The Audi quick charging network is present in all core cities, backed by 1800 CAMS quick charging piles operated by 50 distributors in their charging stations.
  • By the end of 2021, the charging network will include over 3000 charging piles and over 6000 charging terminals, fully covering seven cities including Beijing and Shanghai, where charging service can be located within a radius of 5km at any point. All worries about a smooth long journey will be eliminated.

Audi e-driving
Assuring driving experiences

  • Free all-weather 24/7 rescue services are available. Specialized rescue staff are committed to giving you safety assurance and making your trips worry-free.
  • Your car will be entitled to an unlimited number of rescues within warranty (whether due to accidents, failures, or personal needs), as well as other post-purchase benefits.
  • Your taxi fare on the day of rescue will be reimbursed.
  • For a local rescue, free temporary replacement vehicle service and allowance for travel in the same city are offered as well.
  • For a non-local rescue, free hotel accommodation or free travel is provided.

Audi e-insurance
Honorable after-sale services

  • The warranty for batteries covers 8 years or 160 thousand km, while that for motors and electric control systems covers 8 years or 120 thousand km.
  • The warranty for a whole car covers 3 years or 100 thousand km, and can be extended through purchase of further service to cover a maximum of 6 years or unlimited mileage. Small investment leads to great assurance.
  • The nationwide network offers top-grade sales and after-sale services, helping you solve travel issues in real time.
  • The 60 (and more under development) specialized power battery maintenance centers distributed across the nation help customers bring down their repair expenses.
  • Buyers of new energy cars booking for maintenance will be received by designated consultants and served at exclusive maintenance positions.
  • All distributors across the network offer battery recycling services that contribute to environment protection, safety, and user convenience.

Design is all about details

Explore into more beauties in the design of Audi e-tron

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