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Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron
heritage of a century-old brand and permanent pursuit of surging power

Future is in your grasp. The best way to embrace the future is driving with full power into it. This model boasts full safety protection, luxurious qualities, and first-class driving experiences. After passing countless stringent tests, it has become a pioneer of electric cars, and a symbol of highest vehicle standards in the new time.Greet your future now together with Audi e-tron.

A luxurious embodiment of battery electric technologies
a natural charm

Thanks to the brand new and impressive SUV & BEV design language, the Audi e-tron becomes in the spotlight immediately once on the road. The extraordinary design not only incorporates all SUV features, but also makes use of a future-proven design language that fully conveys unique characters of drivers.

Pure qualities in every detail

A charming silhouette may be the first impression you have on Audi e-tron. The dynamic tail contour and the new run-through LED taillights together create an appealing and avant-garde visual effect. The easy-to-operate electric tail doors add to convenience in every trip. With Audi e-tron, you will gladly embrace the future of electric technologies.

Pleasant and worry-free drives with a battery electric model

Our electric model will eliminate all your concerns when you embark on a journey into the future. The general NEDC endurance of Audi e-tron is up to 500km, a distance sufficient to meet all your daily needs. With the aid of the energy recovery system, you can set a motor energy recovery level, thus recovering sliding and braking energy and storing it in the high-voltage battery. This battery electric function greatly facilitates all drives.

Faster charging

For Audi e-tron users, we provide home charging devices with a rated power of 11KW (380V power supply required) or 7KW (220V power supply required). The model has passed 45 stringent automotive-grade functional tests and more than 200 material tests. A high level of safety, environmental-friendliness, convenience and efficiency can therefore be guaranteed. It only takes about 40 minutes to charge from 5% to 80% of total power.

Spending more time in wonderful moments of life

Future is in your grasp. The best way to embrace the future is driving with full power into it. With the company of Audi e-tron, you will have more time to enjoy life, to sip a cup of coffee, and to prepare for the next journey.

Future is in your imagination
and also in the palm of your hand

The intelligent technologies of Audi are fully geared to your needs. With the 12.3’’ Audi virtual cockpit and the intelligent MMI double-screen touch system with touch feedback function in place, you are able to control the infotainment system and a wide array of driving assistance with ease. In addition, the 3D panoramic imaging system provides you with more thorough and safer parking guidance.

New life in an electric car
What you may crave for, we have it all ready for you.

The Connect navigation system and infotainment system on board Audi e-tron acquire information you desire in real time, and make your trips more enjoyable.

Comfort is everywhere
not just in the comfort zone

The interior of Audi e-tron is characterized by exquisite processes and high-quality materials. Parts with amazing tactile sense can be found everywhere. Seven optional atmosphere lighting styles are provided, along with user-definable 30-color interior atmosphere lights, 10-level dimming function, and the Bang&Olufsen 3D sound system with 16 speakers. They respond to your subtle mood changes considerately, and allow you to savor great moments of life. This is place where the future meets luxury.

Every trip

While holding the steering wheel on every trip, you will find yourself surrounded by all displays in the cockpit. The Bang&Olufsen 3D sound system with 16 speakers will respond to your subtle mood changes considerately, and allow you to savor great moments of life.

A space with more inspiration of the future

With a large space like this, your imagination of the future will be broader and more colorful. With a body length of more than 4.9m and a width of more than 1.9m, the trunk can be easily expanded to 1500L. Lying on the rear seats that can be fully folded and put down, you will be in a mood to look up at the sky through the panoramic roof, and to sail in your imagination well into the future.

Exploring the far with freedom

Great changes and evolutions of driving technologies shape this model. The brand new electric all-wheel drive system on board Audi e-tron leads to a higher level of stability and maneuverability. Furthermore, the system is able to distribute torque reasonably between front and rear wheels depending on weather and road conditions, thereby making you feel strongly attached to your car and confident on the road even when you drive into an unknown world.

Making every step into the future safe

Audi e-tron is equipped with crossing aid system, rear transverse traffic aid system, dodging aid system, panoramic imaging system, lane deviation alarm system, off-car alarm system, and other driving assistance systems. Your safety is therefore fully protected throughout journeys, and every trip is made easier and more enjoyable.

Design is about details

Explore further into the design beauties of Audi e-tron

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  • 多元化车色,打造高级时尚的个性外观,让您在每段旅程中尽显夺目本色。

  • 矩阵式LED大灯,搭配气势十足的半封闭式八角形进气格栅和空气动力学车顶线,锋芒尽显。

  • 标有奥迪e-tron字样的充电插口,让电动车的独特身份一览无遗。

  • 奥迪e-tron,尾部动感造型搭配全新LED贯穿式尾灯,延伸视觉的同时,更打造独树一帜的前卫风范。

  • 奥迪e-tron搭载路口辅助系统、后部横向交通辅助系统、避让辅助系统、全景影像系统、车道偏离预警和离车警告等驾驶辅助功能, 时刻保障您的驾驶安全,让您驾驶轻松自如。

  • 作为国产豪华C级纯电SUV,奥迪e-tron依托百年豪华底蕴和雄厚体系实力,是电动化技术的集大成者。

  • 奥迪e-tron NEDC综合续航里程最高可达500公里,完全满足您日常所需。

  • 带电的气质,让您一出场就是焦点。

  • 12.3英寸奥迪虚拟座舱配合带触摸反馈的MMI智能触控双屏,让您轻松控制信息娱乐系统和众多驾驶辅助功能。

  • 未来总是充满想象,而这所有的设计只为装下更多想象。

  • 每一道精湛工艺,都不负前行路上的每一分钟。 奥迪e-tron所提供的不止豪华感受,还有专属于您的舒适享受。

  • 奥迪e-tron搭载的Connect导航系统和信息娱乐系统,可实时获取您所需信息,开启更丰富的驾乘体验。

  • 奥迪e-tron精选各色内饰条,无论是观感或是触感,无不满足您的需求,彰显您的独到品位。

  • 超4.9米的车长和超1.9米的车宽,让行李舱最大可轻松扩展至1500L。