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Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron is now available from 700,000¥ (pre-sales price)

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron, the first all-electric SUV in Audi family, features a forward-looking electric design language and luxurious interior elements that reflect the state-of-the-art technologies and make this model a born leader. The strong horsepower performance of Audi e-tron meets your needs for routine travels and tough off-road journeys alike.

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  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • Fun of all-electric driving Audi e-tron

  • In a fast charging mode at a charging station,the battery can be charged to 80% of full power after DC charging for about 40 minutes

  • 11KW AC system is available

  • In compliance with NEDC, the general distance per charge reaches about 470km

Smart and light design

Audi e-tron is developed with the new design concept of Audi family. Among the numerous sporty details are the large hexogen inlet grilles matching perfectly with the sharp and slim headlight set, as well as the combination of multi-functional leather steering wheel and the gear shift paddle. As a part of the interior design, a full LCD dashboard and a dual touch screen are provided to control the multimedia entertainment system and the air conditioning system respectively. An Audi smartphone interface is also on board as standard, allowing you to enjoy the fantastic world created by your smartphone while in the car. The panoramic imaging system gives you more protection and safer instructions during parking.

Exceptional power

Equipped with a double-motor quattro drive train, Audi e-tron generates a power up to 300KW, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in as short as 5.7 seconds, promising a performance level comparable to racing cars. The electric all-wheel drive system includes the new generation of quattro drives that are a synonym for excellent traction and power. That’s why Audi e-tron is ideal for both routine trips and highly mobile and challenging cross-country driving.

Comprehensive battery safety protection

The battery pack on board Audi e-tron features an integrated aluminum buffering structure, an outside battery frame, and an inside grid enclosure wrapping the battery module. In addition, solid aluminum plates are employed for vehicle body protection.

Audi 360° charging service

FAW-VW Audi provides electric car users with care-free charging solutions covering all possible charging scenarios both at home and in public charging sites.
Audi 360° charging service allows a user to complete charging with ease and better enjoy a green life.

Fast charging

In a fast charging mode at a charging station, the battery can be charged to 80% of full power after DC charging for about 40 minutes. 11KW AC system is available. In compliance with NEDC, the general distance per charge reaches about 470km. With this power, you will have plenty of time enjoying the fun of electric driving.

Easier driving with the intelligent aid systems

With the Audi virtual cockpit and the automatic recovery and prediction functions, driving will be safer and easier than ever. The central driver auxiliary controller is capable of calculating environment conditions continuously and accurately while you are on the move. Apart from that, the dual MMI touch panel provides you with more comprehensive and safer instructions thanks to its intelligent design, easy operation mode, and flexible networking system.The Audi e-tron became the first all-electric vehicle in the Top Safety Pick+, and its front anti-collision system was rated as “Superior” in the rating.

Broad space

The spatial design of Audi e-tron is truly remarkable. With an overall size of 4901*1935*1628mm and a wheel base as long as 2928mm, there is sufficient room for you to fully relax. You will feel the same spaciousness and comfort as you do at home.

New retail purchase experiences are offered.

  • Users are provided with multiple supports during their purchase, and can therefore get access to full top-quality experiences.
  • With power batteries covered by the insurance for Audi models, the users are more confident in their purchase.
  • The “Audi Gift for Intimate Friends” program provides loyal customers with even more comprehensive services.

All-round customer assurance

  • 7/24 safety services are available irrespective of the weather, including roadside assistance with a standard higher than fuel vehicles. The powerful service network enables the most rapid response and on-site handling.
  • In the “Audi on demand” system, new energy vehicle users in certain areas are provided with up to 30% discount, along with considerate services.

Top-grade and worry-free after services

  • Ultra-long battery warranty: 8 years / 160,000 km for imported Audi e-trons.
  • The nationwide service network guarantees top-grade sales and after services.
  • NEV customer green service channel: Any NEV customer who has made a booking will be received by a specifically assigned NEV service consultant and get access to a NEV maintenance position.
  • Backup vehicle service: While your car is repaired or serviced, a backup vehicle is provided to avoid any inconvenience to your daily life.
  • Battery recycling outlets: Recycling services are provided by all authorized dealers in the network, thus ensuring environmental-friendliness and safety.
  • Battery repair center: Battery repair centers are set up in key areas and provide professional repair services that help greatly reduce maintenance cost of customers.

Preferential terms offered for reservations

  • Multiple zero-pressure financial schemes: zero down payment / zero monthly payment / zero interest rate
  • 2 years of free charging services worth RMB 8,000
  • Care-free car maintenance services for three years / 45 thousand kilometers
  • A voucher for a second purchase of Audi (worth RMB 7,500)
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Audi e-tron pre-sale price

The first all-electric SUV of Audi, opening a new chapter for Chinese luxury electric car market.