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Audi Q2L e-tron

Audi Q2L e-tron

Audi Q2L e-tron
Brilliant power

Audi Q2L e-tron makes a brilliant appearance as an electric model. The front grille exhibits strongly defined lines, and the rear bumper and C-pillar are typical of battery electric vehicles, forming a clear-cut profile. Interior design boasts a collection of future-oriented technologies and fashionable elements. The trustworthy Audi power system and the convenient charging platform make you feel full of energy all the time.

Powerful and glamorous

The distinctive design of this model is immediately felt from the uniquely shaped front grille, the muscular front bumper, and the lively Light Signature daylight driving light. The rear bumper, a part specific to this model, draws an eye-catching outline against the body. The “e-tron” mark appearing on the C-pillar presents the car as a source of surging electric power. A permanent focus on the road!

Dynamic and elaborate interior

A diverse range of interior colors and atmospheric lights are available for Audi Q2L e-tron, allowing you to choose from different styles. The combination of fine metal parts and leather generates terrific visual and tactile sensations. The meticulous buttons and soothing feedback sound are great examples of the top-class craftsmanship of Audi brand, giving you more reason to enjoy moments in this car.

Virtual cockpit and real excitement virtual cockpit

The standard Audi virtual cockpit tells true stories about the future. The 12.3’’ screen offers a wide range of entertainment, living, and service functions. Multiple display modes are available with zero-delay response. Anything you want in this car, you get it instantly and precisely.

High-quality enjoyment

Thanks to the brand new electric power system and e-tron-specific aerodynamic package, Audi Q2L e-tron provides a peaceful atmosphere and a lower drag coefficient. These stunning features, together with the B&O 3D sound system, lead to top-class experiences on your journeys.

Proven high-tech systems and new powerful functions

Get seated in Q2L e-tron, and you will find a great place for your passion. The battery electric drive system on board this model has received strict tests that guarantee totally safe and enjoyable driving experiences. In addition, the excellent shock-absorbing techniques eliminate vibration and high-frequency noise satisfactorily. Power and luxury of the future come true at the same time.

A luxurious and reassuring electric model

The battery power system has successfully passed nail penetration test and water immersion test, meaning that system safety and reliability are fully guaranteed during accidents. The model has also experienced test in extreme cold and scorching heat for over a million kilometers. With the dependable Audi battery temperature management system in place, your Audi Q2L e-tron is always able to work stably.

Rapid charging

Have a cup of coffee at noon break and your car will be ready to go. Audi Q2L e-tron provides both DC and AC charging modes. In DC charging mode, the battery can be charged to 80% in about 36 minutes. Now have a cup of coffee and get ready for the next journey. Under NEDC standard, the endurance of Audi Q2L e-tron is 265 kilometers, long enough to meet all your daily travel needs.

Best protection with multiple driving aid systems

The multiple driving aid systems on board Audi Q2L e-tron provides you with comprehensive protection. The optional active lane maintenance system helps with your direction control. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) system reduces your fatigue during long trips. With the optional Audi anti-collision system, even in crowded cities, you don’t have to busy yourself with dodging operations. The anti-collision system provides emergent braking that gets you out of dangers.

“Audi e-sharing” service strategy

Based on the actual needs of new energy users in China, Audi provides a complete and integrated electrification solution -“Audi e-sharing” service, allowing Chinese users to enjoy the perfect balance between electric vehicle technology and life.Services are offered in four key forms: Audi e-shopping, Audi e-charging, Audi e-driving, and Audi e-insurance. These services can effectively eliminate user concerns and worries in every application scenario.

Audi e-shopping
The most earnest car purchase support

1. Competitive financial support solution:
  · Multiple financial solutions support: loan down payment as low as 15%, interest rate as low as 1.88%.
  · Audi easy rental: The down payment is as low as 40,000, and the license plate is free for up to 3 years.
2.Brand auto insurance protection
  · The scope of responsibility for accidents of 8 partners provides protection for power batteries.
3.Trade-in subsidy
  · A subsidy up to RMB 4000 is provided for a trade-in purchase.
4.Exemption from purchase tax.
  · Vehicle purchasers are reducted or exempted of vehicle purchase tax.
5.New energy license plate.
  · Free green cards for cities with restricted purchases.

Audi e-charging
Convenient and efficient 360° charging services

1.Distinguished family charging.
  · Safe, efficient and convenient smart home charging equipment.
  · Lifetime free installation rights.
  · Industry-leading, high-quality and one-stop installation service, including 40-meter cable.
2.Efficient and convenient public charging resources.
  · Audi App has access to more than 220 thousand charging pile resources in 300+ cities.
  · Realize all functions covering the entire charging journey of users, such as search piles-navigation-charging-payment-comments-invoices.
  · With more than 120 thousand user charging reviews, it provides a comprehensive reference for users to choose charging stations.
  · Support public universal charging cards and coupons of all major charging operators, one card in hand, worry-free charging.
3.Flexible and convenient emergency charging cable.
  · Free 1.8KW emergency charging cable.
4.Enjoy Audi overcharge stations and dealer charging stations.
  · Covering dealer charging stations and CAMS overcharging stations in core cities, it is expected to achieve 3,000 charging piles by the end of 2021.

Audi e-driving
Assuring driving experiences

1.7*24 all-weather safety protections are provided.
  · With the powerful service network, maintenance operators will arrive at the site and eliminate safety risks rapidly depending on specific user needs.
2.High-standard mobility assurance service
  · Mobility assurance services with a standard higher than traditional fossil-fuel vehicles are provided.
  · Within three years of car purchase, a buyer is entitled to unlimited number of free and all-weather car rescues.
  · A buyer is entitled to corresponding accommodation and travel cost if he/she is prevented from using his/her car in non-local places due to a defect of the car.
  · A buyer is entitled to 3-day free car substation service and a 7-day alternative transport subsidy of 100 RMB per day.

Audi e-insurance
Honorable after services

1.Super long three electric warranty
  · The battery, motor, and electronic control system have a warranty of 8 years / 120,000 kilometers.
2.Vehicle extended warranty
  · Complete vehicle 3 years or 10W kilometers, support customers to purchase vehicle extended warranty products up to 6 years.
3.The whole network electrification layout
  · The nationwide network provides top-grade sale and after-sale services.
  · Covering 60 deep power battery maintenance centers (with more under construction) across the nation, contributing to reduced customer maintenance cost.
4.Exclusive service channel for NEV customers
  · NEV customers who make an appointment will enjoy exclusive reception consultants and maintenance stations.
5.Battery recycling outlets
  · Battery recycling services are provided by authorized distributors across the nation, contributing to both environment protection and safety.

Audi Q2L e-tron MSRP

Design is all about details

Explore into more beauties in the design of Audi Q2L e-tron

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  • 奥迪Q2L e-tron在Q2L的潮酷格调之中,加入了e-tron家族的专属设计元素,令人过目难忘。

  • 奥迪Q2L e-tron采用了e-tron家族专属的与车身不同色中网格栅设计,锐力十足。

  • 同时在前杠的设计中,奥迪Q2L e-tron同样也采用了更为硬朗的e-tron家族特有横贯式设计,在前杠的两侧拥有e-tron家族专属的Light Signature日间行车灯。

  • 无论在日间或夜晚,奥迪Q2L e-tron都能让你一眼即认出它的与众不同。

  • 在车尾设计中,奥迪Q2L e-tron依旧保持大量的折角线条,腰线在经过尾灯之后延伸到尾门之上。

  • 在车身侧面中,奥迪Q2L e-tron在Q2L凌厉的多棱角腰线基础设计之上,再度添加e-tron家族专属元素。

  • 是美学风尚,也是技术风向

  • 公共充电服务,高效更便捷

  • 奥迪Q2L e-tron标配奥迪虚拟座舱,在12.3英寸高清液晶显示屏下的是一整套完整的操作系统,双手无需离开方向盘即可掌控一切。

  • 奥迪Q2L e-tron在内饰设计方面同样为你带来了e-tron家族专属元素风格,多种内饰配色为奥迪Q2L e-tron带来了多种截然不同的格调。