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Audi Q2L MY20

Audi Q2L MY20

Audi Q2L MY20
Unfettered individuality

Exterior design
A trend-setter with unfettered individuality

Some say that fashion is about fantastic combinations of colors, while others may attach the spirit of seeking breakthroughs to fashion. It is out of the amazing diversity of possibilities of our times that Audi Q2L MY20 came into being. We are witnessing the breathtaking aggressiveness and the distinctive fashionable elements of our age of Audi Q2L MY20.

An elaborate appearance with sharp lines

With smart design and high appearance, every place shows the inherent fashion temperament, The standard polygonal single frame grille is equipped with polygonal LED headlights, and the gorgeous car color of Coral Orange, Let you can't easily interpret its avant-garde sense, it is so unconventional.

The bold multi-layer shoulder line creates a striking profile of muscularity

Boldness and vigor: these are probably the most pertinent words to depict the side profile of Audi Q2L MY20. The cut-out waistline runs through the door, re bulges at the rear door and continues to the tail light. The lines of the roof quickly settle at the rear, creating a more sporty body line. Innovative use of customized design of the C-pillar shell, can build a floating roof design.

A gene of sportiness shown by the high shoulder line

In the design of the rear of the car, there are a lot of corner lines, and the sloping roof tail design shows the sports style. In the LED tail lights, you can find the design language corresponding to the front lights. From every angle, you can accurately identify this Audi Q2L MY20

Fashion originates from diversity

On Audi Q2L MY20, coming together with the fashionable elements are dazzling colors. Rich body colors and customized C-pillar blade meet your various definitions of fashion. Whether you're passionate, ruthless, rigorous or unconventional, Q2L MY20 always gives you the same answer.

Advanced vehicle manufacturing process

The impressive design language is backed by powerful manufacturing processes of Audi. The vigorous lines drawn by the designers highlight the unfettered nature of Audi Q2L MY20. By inheriting the intrinsic qualities of Audi brand and profiting from various advanced manufacturing technologies, this model has passed stringent tests for millions of kilometers as a much-acclaimed accomplishment.

Interior design
Dynamic and exquisite interior parts

The interior of Audi Q2L MY20 also has more choices. Black interior style and gray interior style represent two different styles. If this is not enough, let's have a light show! The luminous interior panel moves with your heart. It has never been a problem to have a personal style atmosphere.

Virtual cockpit
A virtual reality leading into the future

The 12.3-inch display integrates all services and functions, providing comprehensive and quick feedback, At a glance to show in front of you. Avant garde innovative design, let you feel the future in the forward. You may not be able to describe exactly what "future driving" is, but when you get into an Audi Q2L MY20, Immediately, they will say, "this is a refreshing travel experience.".

Power system
Demonstration of individuality on the move

There is more to the glamor of Audi Q2L MY20 than the brilliant appearance and the stylish interior elements. The powerful system adds a great touch to the wonder of this model. With a four-cylinder 16-valve 1.4L gasoline direct-injection turbocharged engine and a 7-gear S tronic® double-clutch transmission box on board, it provides a maximum power output of 110kW. Efficient power transmission, solid chassis adjustment and progressive steering make you gallop freely.

Driving aid systems
Worried about unexpected conditions? The mighty driving aid functions make you rest assured

Audi Q2L MY20 provides an optional active lane maintenance system that helps with your direction control all the time. The adaptive ACC cruise system reduces driver fatigue in long-distance travels. Another option is the anti-collision system. With this system in place, you will be saved from the trouble of dealing with emergent traffic conditions, as the Audi emergent braking function will keep you out of danger if you are not sufficiently responsive to such conditions.

Lengthened body
Freedom is something to be shared!

On the basis of MQB platform, Audi Q2L MY20 variants with a larger space are launched. We believe that while individuality is a valuable asset, happy moments can be shared. Characterized by a broader rear seat space, Audi Q2L MY20 is more suited for Chinese consumers. With Audi Q2L MY20 by your side, now is the time for you to embark on a trip of youth together with your friend!

Considered Design

Explore further into the design beauties of Audi Q2L MY20

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  • A trend-setter with unfettered individuality.

  • An elaborate appearance with sharp lines.

  • The lines appearing on the body of Audi Q2L MY20 are sharp and vividly expressive, as though they had been cut meticulously and precisely by diamond, emanating a strong air of freedom.

  • Whether in daytime or at night, the front face of Audi Q2L MY20 is highly recognizable.

  • The logic arrangement of different parts brings great vitality to the front face. The daytime driving lights resemble the shape of a dagger, showing dazzling brightness once turned on.

  • The bold multi-layer shoulder line creates a striking profile of muscularity.

  • Dynamic and exquisite interior parts.

  • Hidden behind the steering wheel is the Audi virtual cockpit system, a complete vehicle operation system controlled by independent processors.

  • In addition to various exterior color schemes for your choice, Audi Q2L MY20 offers DIY options to you. Selections for interior parts are diverse as well, including two distinctly different essential colors: black and grey. In the black interior configuration, the colorful central console decoration boards may accommodate several types of design elements with contrast colors.

  • Every time you press a key or turn a knob, the clear response sound will give you a true taste of the elaborate craftsmanship from Germany.