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Audi Q2L MY21

Audi Q2L MY21
Unfettered individuality

A wide variety of fashionable color options

Audi Q2L is a product of distinctive design concepts. From the ingenious shape to the exquisite appearance, fashion is exuded everywhere in the car. As the C-pillar blade of this model is customizable, it’s totally up to you to select a desired color from a wide variety, including body color, highlight black, Manhattan grey, titan grey, ibis white, and crystal silver. The rear top similar to that of a sports car helps redefine trend-setting design.

Virtual reality leading into the future

The 12.3’’ screen has integrated all necessary services and functions, and provides all feedback information rapidly and intuitively. The innovative and pioneering design gives you a great taste of the wonder of the future while driving. For everyone, it may be hard to describe “future driving” accurately, but once in the Audi Q2L, you will be amazed, realizing these are truly refreshing travel experiences you’ve expected.

Unique brilliance shining on the road

Are striking appearance and dazzling interior enough for a model like this? Certainly not. Suring power is always a must. On board Audi Q2L 2021 there is a four-cylinder 16-valve 1.4L gasoline turbo charge direct injection engine, which works in conjunction with a 7-speed S-tronic® double-clutch gearbox to provide a power output up t to 110kW. The efficient power transmission, the precisely tuned chassis, and the progressive steering system create ultimate driving fun for you.

Worrying about loss of control? Powerful driving aid systems are always there for you

The Audi active lane maintenance system comes as an option for Audi Q2L 2021. While you enjoy driving fun, it helps you control direction of the car. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) system relieves driver fatigue during long trips. Audi Q2L 2021 may also be equipped with an Audi anti-collision system. Even in increasingly crowded cities, you don’t have to busy yourself with dodging operations. The Audi anti-collision system provides emergent braking that gets you out of dangers.

Considered Design

Explore further into the design beauties of Audi Q2L MY21

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  • Audi Q2L MY20, a strongly expressive SUV and the first even-number model of Audi family, reflects a trend towards youth and individualism.

  • Among the most striking exterior parts are the standard single-frame polygon grille, polygon LED headlights, and LED taillights with dynamic indicators.

  • Audi Q2L MY20 features both an ingenious design and surging power. Multiple body color schemes are available for your choice.

  • The panoramic roof that allows you to look into the sky on your trips is a great source of joy.

  • Particularly unique design concepts gave birth to Audi Q2L MY20, making it a natural embodiment of fashion.

  • The rear top with a sports car contour redefines design aesthetics of fashion, and exhibits individual characters in an innovative way.

  • The novel avant-garde design of the Audi virtual cockpit broadens your horizon wildly. The 12.3’’ screen with 1440x540 HD pixels offers a full range of services and functions.

  • With the aid of the multifunctional steering wheel, it is possible to switch digitally between different views and respond rapidly. A new standard of modern onboard instrumentation.

  • The customizable C-pillar blade in the same color as the body and the optional interior assemblies are another proof of the distinctive style and fashion of Audi Q2L MY20.

  • Audi Q2L MY20 comes with the newest generation of MMI® infortainment system and Audi smart mobile phone interface, thus enabling integration of your personal data and more intuitive viewing and operation.