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Audi Q2L 2021 MY

Audi Q2L 2021 MY
Unfettered individuality

A wide variety of fashionable color options

Audi Q2L is a product of distinctive design concepts. From the ingenious shape to the exquisite appearance, fashion is exuded everywhere in the car. As the C-pillar blade of this model is customizable, it’s totally up to you to select a desired color from a wide variety, including body color, highlight black, Manhattan grey, titan grey, ibis white, and crystal silver. The rear top similar to that of a sports car helps redefine trend-setting design.

Virtual reality leading into the future

The 12.3’’ screen has integrated all necessary services and functions, and provides all feedback information rapidly and intuitively. The innovative and pioneering design gives you a great taste of the wonder of the future while driving. For everyone, it may be hard to describe “future driving” accurately, but once in the Audi Q2L, you will be amazed, realizing these are truly refreshing travel experiences you’ve expected.

Unique brilliance shining on the road

Are striking appearance and dazzling interior enough for a model like this? Certainly not. Suring power is always a must. On board Audi Q2L 2021 there is a four-cylinder 16-valve 1.4L gasoline turbo charge direct injection engine, which works in conjunction with a 7-speed S-tronic® double-clutch gearbox to provide a power output up t to 110kW. The efficient power transmission, the precisely tuned chassis, and the progressive steering system create ultimate driving fun for you.

Worrying about loss of control? Powerful driving aid systems are always there for you

The Audi active lane maintenance system comes as an option for Audi Q2L 2021. While you enjoy driving fun, it helps you control direction of the car. The adaptive cruise control (ACC) system relieves driver fatigue during long trips. Audi Q2L 2021 may also be equipped with an Audi anti-collision system. Even in increasingly crowded cities, you don’t have to busy yourself with dodging operations. The Audi anti-collision system provides emergent braking that gets you out of dangers.

Considered Design

Explore further into the design beauties of Audi Q2L MY21

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  • 奥迪Q2L 2020年型是一款富有感染力的SUV,作为奥迪偶数家族的首位成员,它代表了奥迪年轻化、个性化的设计潮流

  • 全系标配的多边形单框格栅搭配多边形LED大灯,并搭配带动态指示灯的LED尾灯,让人过目不忘

  • 奥迪Q2L 2020年型造型设计灵巧,兼具强劲性能。多种车身颜色随意选择

  • 可随时仰望天空的全景天窗将为你带来无穷乐趣。

  • 尤为独特的设计理念成就了奥迪Q2L 2020年型,每一处都展现出一种与生俱来的时尚气质。

  • 跑车式造型设计的后部车顶,重新定义潮流设计美学,将不拘一格的个性,展现的酣畅淋漓。

  • 奥迪虚拟座舱前卫的创新设计无限延展你的视野。1440x540像素的高清细节分辨率,12.3英寸显示屏集合所有服务和功能。

  • 通过多功能方向盘在不同视图之间个性化数字切换,快速反馈所需信息,重新定义车内仪表组合。

  • 可定制的与车身同色的C柱blade与设计和可选择的内饰拼接化设计,更加凸显奥迪Q2L 2020年型与众不同的潮流时尚。

  • 奥迪Q2L 2020年型搭载新一代MMI®信息娱乐系统与奥迪智能手机接口,可集成你的个人数据,让你更直观的进行观看与操作。