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New Audi Q3

New Audi Q3 Amazing Now

An outstanding person can be distinguished instantly, just like new Audi Q3. Based on iconic exterior of its predecessor, this new model presents a more striking look with 3D grille and exhaust tailpipes with trim in high-gloss look. Besides, the body line, which strikes a nice light and shadow balance, gives out the prevailing quality of urban sports. With its 2.0TFSI® engine, you can conquer any road with its strong power and efficient operation. New Audi Q3, you can experience a youthful and outstanding journey right now.

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  • New Audi Q3 adopts new LED headlights which can guarantee their color temperature is similar to sunlight and make the iconic Audi headlights look more appealing with low consumption, long service life and high safety. Besides, the dynamic steering lights can be an option together with LED headlights for further enhance of its safety, comfort and technology.

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  • Parking assist system of new Audi Q3 can automatically search for a proper parking space through its ultrasonic sensor and figure out an ideal path when our drive into or out of a parking space. Once this system is activated, you will have a simpler parking process even in the narrow parking lot and crooked area. When you notice a proper parking space, you can press the button of parking assist system, it will automatically complete your parking process. What a driver needs to do is just keeping accelerator and making brake under control.

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  • TFSI® technology of new Audi Q3 combines FSI® technology with turbo technology. With this technology, the engine will be more efficient and powerful. 2.0 TFSI® engine of new Audi Q3 shows the impressive performance with the maximum output of 162kW, the largest torque of 350Nm and the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h just in 6.7 seconds. You can conquer any road with its strong power and efficient operation.

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  • MMI® multimedia interactive system of Audi Q3 arranges the 7-inch color high definition screen in the heart of central console so that 3D navigation, multimedia entertainment and a more distinct image are made possible. The leading 3D navigation can support voice control, split-screen display, dynamic route guide, dynamic traffic information reading and supportive arrow information display. Besides, the powerful sound and entertainment functions of MMI® multimedia interactive system are able to support various music formats and videos. Its reasonable operation layout will be easier for driving, and a rich selection of entertainment functions will remove all boredom from your driving experience.

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