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New Audi Q5

40 TFSI Comfort Line 169 kW tiptronic tiptronic
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Audi drive select®
The Audi drive select® of the New Audi Q5 elevates your driving pleasure to a new level. Just with a gentle press on the button, the optional Audi drive select® can be freely changed among five modes, that are, comfortable, automatic, sporty, efficient and a personalized mode, to achieve the driving and manipulating experience which you desire. Speed of response of the engine, the gear-changing logic of the transmission , the comfort –orientation function of the steering system, the optional suspension response and automatic air condition system will all make corresponding adjustment under different modes, allowing you to drive with all confidence.
The sporty chassis offers more dynamicfun
The new Audi Q5 is a SUV full of fashionable sporty elements. Its sporty chassis design guarantees excellent driving- comfort and stability. In addition, while the new Audi Q5 continues the excellent performance of the front-end independent suspension of five connecting rods and the back-end independent suspension of trapezoidal rods, it also brings you a nimbler and silk-like smoothing drive. With the improvement of the comfort of the seats, you will enjoy journey of quality feeling.


High-strength body structure provides excellent safety protection
Most part of body structure of Audi Q5 is made of high-strength and super high-strength steel. While reducing its weight, the car also gets higher impact safety, seismic performance and body rigidness. In addition, the joint precision of the Audi car body is still the industry's benchmark, which is worthy of your trust.
The full-size airbag gives overall protection
The high-end safety device is an essential element of Audi products. The new Audi Q5adopts an all-new technology connecting the safety belt force limiter and the airbag. This technology, supplemented with special seat structure, could effectively prevent the occupants in the front seats from accidentally slipping from safety belts. As standard configurations, the full-size airbags in the cabin, which are stretched in ring and freed in two ends,provide you and all the occupants with the overall protection.
Audi Side Assist System, peer-transcending experience of lane change
The Audi Side Assist System is a driver assistance system which Audi has used for many years. The system can automatically monitor the rear lateral areas of the vehicle and alert you through the signal light of the exterior rearview mirror when other vehicles approach. At speeds above 30 km/h, the system will automatically start and timely alert the driver to notice the possible dangers from the neighboring lane to ensure every safe lane change.
Downhill Assist System, joy at twisty roads
The New Audi Q5 is equipped with the Downhill Assist System, which can start automatically at speeds less than 30 km/h on a downhill process. The preset control parameters of the system can adjust the driving stability to the slope in order to ensure the comfort and safety during the downhill drive.,, allowing you to maneuver with total confidence.
ESP ensures your steady driving
The new Audi Q5 is equipped with the electronic stability program (ESP). When the car changes the lane emergently at high speed, the active steering correction will automatically select the best steering angle, auxiliary force, corrective force and steering ratio, so as to make sure that the tires always have an enough grip. The reaction time of the active steering correction is only 1/3 of that of the active brake intervention. It acts even faster than experienced professional drivers. The car usually can smoothly turn danger into safety without brake.


The engine start-stop system is an intelligent, efficient high technology
The new Audi Q5 is equipped with the engine start-stop system. The system can effectively reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. In case that the car is completely static, the system will automatically turn off the engine when the gear is switched to neutral and the driver releases the clutch pedal. In the stop state, the driver information system will display the “start-stop” sign. When the clutch pedal is pressed down, the engine is started once again. The engine start-stop system is easy to operate and responds fast. It is an intelligent, efficient technology in the industry.
The energy recovery system saves energy at brake
The new Audi Q5 is equipped with an energy recovery system. When the vehicle is sliding or braking, the alternator can convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electric energy and temporarily store it in the vehicle battery. The electric energy can be used to reduce the load of the AC generator when the vehicle accelerates or runs at a constant speed later, thus saving energy. According to different driving conditions, the system can save fuel by up to 3%. It makes reasonable use of energy and achieves an excellent energy economy.


Luxurious and comfortable seats enable you to enjoy leisure
The new Audi Q5 offers luxurious, comfortable seats with heating and ventilation functions for passengers in front or provides them with sports seats with an excellent supporting force. The four-direction electric waist support can relieve the fatigue of you to the maximum extent. Passengers in rear rows can also enjoy comfortable seats whose front and rear sides can be adjusted within a range of 100mm and whose backrest angle can be adjusted from 24 to30 degrees. Meanwhile, the car also adds the seat heating function to create a freer, more comfortable travel experience.


The New Audi Q5 is equipped with the new generation MMI® multimedia interactive system, which is located behind the shift lever. The key layout of the terminal control of the system adopts an all new design. The number of its function keys reduces from 8 to 4. The optimized operating logic brings about a more convenient users’ experience.
B&O advanced audio system allows you to listen to heavenly music on the way
The new Audi Q5 not only provides the visual and tactile enjoyment, but also offers auditory feast for you. As an optional configuration for the Audi Q5, the Danish top B&O professional audio sound system is tailored for Audi Q5. It provides 10-channel amplifier which can output505W of powerand 14 high-performance aluminum loudspeakers, turning your journey into a symphony concert and a wonderful sensory feast.
The driver information system (DIS) offers you comprehensive driving information
The new Audi Q5 is equipped with the all-new driver information system (DIS) to provide the user with comprehensive driving information. After logic optimization, the color display located in the center of the dashboard becomes easier for users to operate. In addition, DIS is programmed with an energy-saving program, which can offer the feasible fuel-saving operation scheme to you under different driving conditions, so that you can completely indulge yourself in the wonderful journey.