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New Audi Q5

40 TFSI Comfort Line 169 kW tiptronic tiptronic
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Sporty body design, keep progressive
The uniqueness of the New Audi Q5 lies in its sporty body proportion. With its fluid lines, this Audi Q5 looks just like a moving metal sculpture from a distance. The overall design of the New Audi Q5 manifests the latest design concept of Audi, shaping an all new image blending perfectly sense of technology, elegance and sporty charm.
The new front face design inherits the charm of the family
The integrated air-inlet grille of the new Audi Q5 adopts the latest hexagonal design, looking wider and more flat The front bumper has more sense of three-dimensional sense. The bottom of the air-inlet grille is decorated with sporty trim strips... These elements are blended together harmoniously, giving the car head a more aggressive, sporty style.
LED daytime running lights
As the leader of the global LED lighting technology, Audi uses the latest generation of LED daytime running lights in the New Audi Q5. Compared with the previous generation of LED daytime running lights, the new generation LED daytime running lights create a unremitting and well-distributed light belt , which looks like a silver arc inlaid along the headlights, highlighting the extraordinary charisma of the New Audi Q5.
The tail design gives people an unforgettable back view
The tail design of the new Audi Q5 keeps consistency with the graceful, sporty and stylish head. The all-new LED taillights also adopt the latest Audi LED lighting technology. The well-distributed light belt is full of high-tech sense and acts as a clear warning sign for vehicles behind, thus ensuring the safety of driving at night. In addition, the design innovation of the tail is also reflected in many details, such as the rear bumper with quality feel , the all-new circular exhaust pipe with flat and straight bottom edges and the Audi four-ring logo with a more metallic sense. At the moment the Audi Q5 passes, its back view will also become an unforgettable sight.


The interior decoration highlights extraordinary quality
The new Audi Q5 continues Audi’s well-established sophisticated technology and design, whose exquisite interior appearance and texture is still the industry’s model. The instrument panel is edged with aluminum trims, looking more delicate and luxurious; and optional brown striped white oak trims is of a unique taste, bringing both visual and tactile enjoyment to the occupants.
Three-spoke leather multifunctional steering wheel makes passion in control
The new Audi Q5 offers an all-new 3-spoke leather multifunctional steering wheel. The quadrilateral shape in the center of the previous steering wheel is replaced with a circular shape in the new one, and the ring-shaped chrome decoration on the surface also improve the quality. In addition, the shift picks which the steering wheel is equipped with allow you to make the gear switch with your hands remaining on the steering wheel, so that you can fully enjoy the driving pleasure brought by the new Audi Q5.
A panoramic sunroof fulfills your car with sunshine
In order to create a more natural bright interior space, the new Audi Q5 is equipped with a panoramic sunroof as a standard configuration which covers all seats. When the sunroof is full-open, the cabin will transfused with sunshine. Breathing fresh air, you will feel the greatness of nature.
The unique heating/cooling cup holder meticulous care from every detail
Every detail design of Audi Q5’s gives you more meticulous care and cozier driving experience. The cup holder located behind the central armrest has heating and cooling functions. This unique configuration exclusive to Audi Q5 makes every minute you spend in the car memories of utmost pleasure. .