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All New Audi Q5L

All New Audi Q5L
Dynamics · Feeling of Freedom

Audi Q5L, the latest evolution of Audi Q family, has been designed with more convincing and fluid visual elements, which create great attractions together with unique LED day lights and distinctively dynamic turning lamps. The interior space is arranged in such a creative way to afford the driver utmost comfort while ensuring overall harmony. The much improved four-cylinder engine and the turbo fuel stratified injection (TFSI®) set a new performance level of the car, and the fuel cost-effectiveness has been further optimized with the new generation of automatic engine start/stop system. In addition, a series of auxiliary driving systems on board new Audi Q5L bring more convenience and ease to the driver in all driving conditions, not to mention the new generation of high-end MMI® navigation system and the large 8.3’’ ultra-thin HD screen with utterly simplified keys that enable very intuitive operations.

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Energetic aesthetics: more than dynamic visual expressions

Audi Q5L, the latest evolution of Audi Q family, has been designed with more convincing and fluid visual elements, full of energetic aesthetics. Vigorous rigidity of the engine hatch, impressive smoothness of the side waist lines, and exquisite fluidity of the roof naturally combine as a whole. Both the rearview mirror on the level of the shoulder line and the narrow window strips add to elegance of the body that can be felt at any time whether at rest or during movement. Every detail of the new Q5L tells a story about dynamic fashions.

Lustrous lights, like a soul of the car

The successful light designs in previous Audi models are inherited by the new Q5L. The LED matrix leads to a new level of fantastic visual experience. The unique LED daylight driving lamps and distinctively dynamic turning lamps are high-tech functional parts that are easy to memorize and difficult to forget. The refined details of the lamps, the sculpted grille, and the neatly arranged horizontal grille bars all set off the graceful profile of the new Q5L.

A passion created out of top speed with surging power

The third generation EA888 engines on board the new Q5L are extremely powerful. Two 2.0T versions (high and lower power) are offered, and a double circulatory system and a mixed injection system are adopted to achieve stronger acceleration and lower fuel consumption at the same time. The brand new 7-gear Stronic transmission enables instantaneous gear-shifting with minimal power loss, a process comparable to racing cars. Moreover, the further optimized gear ratio and gear shift logic have resulted in great reduction of gear shift impact, and thereby contribute to more natural and smooth driving.

The car travels wherever your heart desires

The new Audi Q5L provides you with six driving modes, namely Cross-country, Economic, Comfortable, Auto, Dynamic, and Personalized. Push the control keys and you can switch to any of these modes freely. More customizations are even possible to suit your particular needs.

The luxury 3D audi system captures and recreates the faintest sound in the world

The new Q5L is equipped with 19 speakers, the highest number of its class. The four additional speakers at A-pillar and front doors result in an output power up to 755W, which, together with the 3D sound effect, creates an unequaled surround sound environment, helping you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and find peace in music. Even for the most critical Hi-Fi lovers, the 3D sound system of the new Q5L won’t let them down. The faultless spatial audi effect is comparable to that of grandiose stage performance.

Guarantee of real safety with incomparable sensing capabilities

With 22 auxiliary driving functions on board, the new Audi Q5L eases the burden of the driver from a safety perspective both actively and reactively, making driving an agreeable task in all conditions. The active cruise control (ACC) system contains an ACC distance indicator intended to warn against dangerous braking distance. The bend-rounding support system predicts and prevents hazardous turning operations by initiating braking in a timely manner. The anti-collision auxiliary system helps effectively mitigate and eliminate risks of bumping or deviation.