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Audi SQ5

3.0 TFSI quattro tiptronic
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Audi drive select®, drive exactly as you wish
The Audi drive select® brings the driving fun to a new level. The response speed of the engine, gear change logic of the transmission, comfort tendency of the steering system and response feature of the sport suspension will make corresponding adjustment automatically when you select different modes. You can drive exactly as you wish.


Adaptive light, escort you day and night
When the speed is between 10 km/h and 110 km/h at curves, the adaptive light can provide sufficient lighting in advance for the curves based on the steering angle and bending, thus improving driving safety.
Audi active lane assist, designed for your safety
Audi active lane assist helps the driver keep in lane to get a safety driving experience. If the driver has not operated the indicators, the Audi active lane assist will guide the vehicle within recognized lane boundary lines by means of gentle corrective steering intervention shortly before he crosses the traffic lane marker. You can also turn on steering vibration to enjoy safe driving.
Audi side assist, absolute smart safety helper
Safe driving should be ensured while excellent driving feel is provided. Audi SQ5 is equipped with the side assist system for monitoring the side area behind the vehicle. The signal light in both exterior mirrors will warn the driver if it has detected another vehicle. The system is activated when the speed exceeds 30km/h to warn the driver of possible danger in the lane next to it, ensuring safer lane changings.


LED lighting technology, more energy-saving and brighter
The daytime running lights and taillights adopt the LED lighting technology, which significantly improves lighting capacity and saves energy. Compared with conventional bulbs, the LED lights are nearly maintenance-free during its entire life, and consume only half the energy required by bulbs. Here, you can have the best of both.
Start-stop system with recuperation, renew energy while waiting
Audi SQ5 has the start-stop system with recuperation. When the vehicle is at a standstill from the running state, e.g. at traffic lights, the start-stop system will turn off the engine automatically. The start process is initiated as soon as the foot brake is released for moving off. Temporary stop of the engine can reduce fuel consumption and emission of CO2. It uses coasting and braking phases to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, helping power supply to the engine. This saves up to 3% of fuel consumption and recycles energy reasonably.


Electrically adjustable front seats, enjoy warm hours
Audi SQ5 provides front deluxe seats with heating and electric adjustment. The seat height, fore/aft position and seat and backrest angles can be adjusted. With the heating function, you can focus on the pleasure of driving even in cold winter days.
Parking system plus with reversing camera, smart parking is easy
The parking system plus with reversing camera has dynamic display modes showing the calculated path. Images of the area in front of and behind the vehicle are shown on the MMI® display. The entire view near the vehicle is provided, and everything around the car body is so close. The system also provides assistance via acoustic signals and images, making parking enjoyable to the driver.
Convenience key, connected with you
The convenience key makes every operation simple and clear. The key only needs to be carried with you as the car will search it automatically to open or close the door for you. The engine is started and switched off via the engine start-stop button. It seems to be connected with you.
Panoramic glass sunroof, closer to the nature
Audi SQ5 comes standard with a panoramic glass sunroof that covers front and rear seats. People can feel a wide space thanks to the bright interior. The driver can experience the pleasure of the nature and sunlight and a comfortable journey when it is fully opened.


MMI® Multi Media Interface, fun of journey is not only from scenery
Audi SQ5 is provided with the new generation MMI® system. The 3D navigation and the multimedia entertainment function are realized through the high-definition display. The leading 3D navigation supports display of 3D maps, voice control, dynamic route guidance, TMC messages reading and additional arrow display. In addition, the system supports multiple music and video formats and external sound sources. You can enjoy music from iPod, MP3 or other USB storage devices.
Bang & Olufsen sound system, incomparable acoustic enjoyment
The sense of quality isn’t limited to the look and feel as the Audi SQ5 also pursues perfection in audio. The top Danish Bang & Olufsen sound system is tailor-made for the vehicle. The precise acoustic design delivers a fine and natural effect, maximally keeping the beautiful sound. No matter you are in a crowded city or in the outskirts, the Bang & Olufsen sound system turns your journey into a music feast. You’ll enjoy the beautiful melodies at any time.