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All new Audi Q7

All New Audi Q7
A Courageous Life with Endless Possibilities

A large luxury SUV model with seven seats, a real game changer.
By combining new design aesthetics, full-scenario driving capabilities, and sensational high-tech experiences, it meets all your expectations for an ideal life.
With this companion, new journeys of success are always there for you to explore.

Design line provide Audi Q7 a fiercer stance.

All New Audi Q7 impresses with its overall dynamic appearance incorporating the latest design language with iconic Q family design cues. For an individualised, even sportier look, opt for the bumper with matte silver decoration plates, the muscular wheel brow appears in perfect harmony with the ultra-large hub.

Nobleness and comfort created out of fine craftsmanship

For a more stylish and immersive driving experience, the diverse interior mixes made available on All New Audi Q7 are top-rate leather parts, yacht-grade gear lever, freely controllable four-zone air conditioner, 3D B&O surround sound system, and delightful atmosphere lights.

There’s always room for exploring and conquering the unknown world.

With All New Audi Q7, you have a larger space at your disposal. The 2999mm ultra-long wheel base leads to a vehicle body measuring 5067mm, which occupy dominant advantage in C-SUV level. In addition, a luxury interior layout with seven seats comes as standard throughout the family, conveying the spirit of confidence and ambition of a leader.

Journeys into the future started with simple clicks

All New Audi Q7 witnesses the great achievements of Audi virtual cockpit and the third generation of MMI® intelligent touch control system at the same time. The new triple-display linkage technology, a new addition of this model, allows you to get access to various types of information intuitively with simple clicks.

A permanent focus and winner on the road

The standard quattro all-wheel drive ensures sporty handling and unparalleled levels of grip. You can actively influence the vehicle's characteristics via seven different modes of the series Audi drive select driving dynamics system, with adaptive air suspension regulating the ride height.

Devotion to adventures with all safety risks eliminated

More than 30 safe driving aid systems, including Audi 360° anti-collision system, are available on board. The changing environments are therefore monitored all the time, thus help you maneuver in traffic, stay in your lane and on the road.

Light design indicate your next move

All New Audi Q7 is equipped with matrix LED headlight and HD matrix-design headlights with Audi laser light. These available headlights illuminate the path ahead with animated sequencing and a stunning design that make people take notice.

Considered Design

Explore further into the design beauties of All New Audi Q7

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q7_exterior_1920x1080 (6).jpg
q7_exterior_1920x1080 (6).jpg
  • 全新奥迪Q7 开阔人生,无畏前行。

  • 全新的家族化设计语言悉数上身,全新的科技系统令人怦然心动。

  • 在车身侧面,全新奥迪Q7的气质再度提升。

  • 在车尾的设计中,全新奥迪Q7的升级可谓是翻天覆地。经典的蚌壳式后尾箱门全覆盖车尾。全新设计的尾灯组更加纤细、修长。

  • 全新奥迪Q7的内饰设计全面革新。整体采用与旗舰级奥迪A8、Q8相同的家族化设计语言。

  • 全新设计的T字形高亮黑色中控面板与多种不同的金属与实木材质搭配。

  • 超过5米长的身材拥有上佳的车内空间,宽敞的横向宽度让后排得意安放三独立座椅,无需担心中间乘客的不适。

  • 全新奥迪Q7为两款不同排量的车型标配了20英寸以及21英寸的超大轮毂。同时在丰富的可选装列表中还有多种不同样式的可供选择,甚至,还有22英寸轮毂可供选择。

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  • 全新奥迪Q7 开阔人生,无畏前行。