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Audi Q7

40 TFSI quattro s line tiptronic
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The Four-wheel steering system can effectively improve the handling stability of the vehicle
Audi Q7 is equipped with the four-wheel steering system, which can significantly improve the control flexibility and driving comfort of the car. At low speed, when the car turns, the rear wheels turn in the reverse direction, and this can reduce the turning radius and the width of the driving trajectory. At high speed, when the car turns, the rear wheels turn in the same direction, and this can improve the response speed, dynamic performance and stability of the wheels. In addition, the four-wheel steering system can effectively assist the park assistsystem and the trailer assist system.
ACC, with an additional traffic congestion assist function
Audi Q7 is equipped with the adaptive cruise control (ACC) with an additional traffic congestion assist function, which can greatly reduce the driver's work through the semi-automatic driving function. When the vehicle speed is between 0-60km/h, the vehicle can turn on the congestion mode - according to the track action before, the vehicle can automatically refuel, braking, lane changing and conducting other functions, thus to help the driver control the car more easily while reducing the amount of refueling and braking actions. When the speed exceeds 60 km/h, the system will switch to the ACC mode.


Rear access warning system
Audi Q7 equipped with a rear traffic warning system. When you are ready to reverse, as long as the system senses that there is an object which is about to pass, then the vehicle will issue three stages of warning to alert the driver to pay attention to the situation behind. The three stages of warning including: visual warning – the arrow reminder on MMI® shows the movement direction of the object; auditory warning sounds an alarm when reversing; tactile warning - the system will utter vibrating warnings when the car continues to reverse.
Door opening safety warning system
Audi Q7 is equipped with the door opening safety warning system. Once you are going to open the door, the system senses that there is an object which is about to pass in the rear or along the side, then the car will issue three stages of warning to remind the driver and passengers passing through. The three stages of warning including: visual warning - the LED lights doorknob reminder; sound warning - sound and door trim light warn at the same time; system intervention - the door opening is delayed or stopped.
LED taillight with dynamic indication effects
Audi Q7 is equipped with dynamic indication LED taillights, which can greatly improve the steering indicator identification level, and the LED lights can be turned on within milliseconds to indicate the direction. The LED taillights are only available for the LED headlamps and the Audi Matrix LED headlamps.


Audi ultra lightweight technology creates a low-carbon life for you
With the avant garde design, the stunning performance and the unique innovative technology, Audi Q7 charms everywhere. What is more worth mentioning is Audi ultra lightweight technology. Thanks to the new materials and high-end technology, Audi Q7, compared with the previous generation, reduce its weight up to 300kg. With the excellent power quality, energy-efficient and low CO₂ emissions, Audi Q7 definitely stands out among its peers.


Provide a flexible and free space
Audi re-interprets the concept of space by its design. Targeting user’s needs, Audi designers provide a more flexible seating combination design for Audi Q7. The second row of seats uses comfortable one-piece cushion seats. If you choose seats with a separate regulatory function, then you will get a more flexible space for your luggagecompartment. You can also optionally choose the third seat row, including two independent seats whose backs can be electrically folded. Audi Q7 can be combined with two-seat, three, four, five, six, seven, or even a combination of the five child seat installation, creating more space while very flexible.
Four-zone automatic air conditioning creates spring-like atmosphere around the year
Audi Q7 is equipped with the luxurious four-zone automatic air conditioning with electronically controlled temperature, air volume and distribution. The air conditioning is equipped with front windshield and side window defroster vents, as well as the filters to prevent dust, pollen and fine particulate. In addition, the rear air conditioning control panel equipped with an electronic display can be adjusted independently on both sides of the temperature, air volume and distribution, so that you can always enjoy a year-round spring-like cozy atmosphere.


Audi connect, seamlessly linked with the world anytime, anywhere
The Audi connect technology enables you to only use one button to achieve a variety of functions in the digital functions. Today, the LTE 4G communication technology is 10 times faster than the previously 3G technology. The entire system is simple and easy to use. Through the Audi connect technology, you can easily find different destinations and learn about the latest news, weather conditions and other information. Also, via the car-carried Wi-Fi hotspots, you can connect your laptops, tablet PCs or other mobile terminals to the Internet.