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Audi Q7 45 e-tron

Audi lateral auxiliary system ensure sufficient security
The lateral auxiliary system carried by Audi Q7 45 e-tron has two radar sensors, capable of monitoring the back-side vehicles and measuring the distance with the vehicle and speed difference. When changing lanes, if the system detects potential risks, the rear view mirror area will flash LED to timely remind you of attention to safety and protect you along the journey.
Audi ultra lightweight technology creates low-carbon life through energy conservation
The ultra lightweight technology of Audi Q7 45 e-tron benefits from the unique design concept and new materials with high-end technology. Compared with the previous model, its weight is lowered by up to 300 kg. The braking energy recovery system can convert the surplus kinetic energy during the braking process into electrical energy to reduce oil consumption; and the lightweight speed changer reduces fuel consumption without prejudice to power performance.Outstanding power, high energy efficiency and low CO₂ emission etc., help to create low-carbon life.