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All New Audi TT Coupé

40 TFSI 132 kW S tronic S tronic
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Audi Side Assistant ensures your safety in the long-distance driving
The Audi Side Assist system has two radar sensors to monitor the vehicle’s rear area and measure the distance and speed difference between the vehicle and the approaching one. When there is a risk during changing the lane, the system will alert the driver through LED flashing. The Audi Side Assist works only when the speed is more than 30 km/h and sets the menu activation system through the MMI® vehicle system.
Audi Active Lane Assist protects you all the time
When the vehicle crosses the lane marking without starting the steering indicating lamp, the Audi Active Lane Assist system judges that the vehicle is departing the lane unconsciously and makes the vehicle return to the center of the lane by a slight steering while vibrating the steering wheel to remind the driver. The vibration frequency of the steering wheel is adjustable and can be activated through the button on t the turn signal lever. The Audi Active Lane Assist works only in the range of 60-250 km/h.
Park Assist considers more for your safety
The smart park assist system makes the turning operation almost automated in the parking process. With its ultrasonic sensors to search for horizontal or vertical parking spaces, the system automatically calculates the ideal parking route. In the parking process, the system can automatically control the steering, the driver controls the gas pedal, the brake and monitor the parking process. The system can simulate and show the surrounding environment around the vehicle, also shows the parking route and alerts the barriers on both sides. The smart park assist system can assist the driver to park the car into a narrow space or a corner space.


Engine automatic start-stop system reduces both fuel consumption and emissions
If a car is equipped with the engine automatic start-stop system, its engine can be turned off automatically when it is waiting at a red light, thus reducing both the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. When the brake pedal is freed, the engine will be restarted. At the same time, the engine automatic start-stop system can be closed through a button at any time.
Braking energy recovery system further improves the fuel efficiency
The braking energy recovery system can turn the kinetic energy generated in the braking process into electricity stored in the battery, which feeds back the electricity to the vehicle system in the acceleration process. This could reduce fuel consumption.


Automatic air conditioning offers you an inner circulation model for free enjoyment
The all-new Audi TT Coupé uses the innovative control logic and can automatically control the temperature, air flow and air distribution with electronic means. In addition, a separate defrosting button is used for the fast defrosting of the windshield and side windows, making the vision clearer.


MMI® information and entertainment system offers you an intelligent, convenient experience
The new-generation MMI® multimedia entertainment control system launched by the all-new Audi TT Coupé integrates the traditional instrument panel and the console entertainment information system into one. It includes a 3D-displayed map, information search functions etc., and realizes the driver-oriented entertainment center, keeping your journey far away from boredom.
Audi connect, a smart butler in your journey
Audi connect uses the integrated communication module UMTS (China Unicom 3G) to connect your car to the Internet, displaying endless possibilities for you. At the same time, My Route, My Network, My Information and other services supported by Audi connect create a smart butler exclusively for you in an intuitive, simple way.