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Audi connect technology

Audi connect technology provides information and entertainment functions while linking the car, the driver, Internet, and infrastructures together, thus bringing driving ease and fun to a new level. Simply with a gentle touch, you will feel unprecedented convenience and comfort while driving.

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    Embark on a journey of Audi connect technology

    Traditionally, a safe and enjoyable long-distance tour starts from early route planning, as unexpected traffic conditions may occur and lead to boredom during driving. With Audi connect technology, you will never be bothered by tiresome traveling again. Now embark on a journey accompanied by Audi connect, and discover the fantastic moments that your invisible companion can create for you.

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    The full range of functions provided by Audi connect create a mobile network in your car well adapted to your needs for the future

    With the ability to get access to Internet in real time, the Audi connect system makes it easier to achieve interaction between people, cars, and environments. Once brought online, it enables a wide variety of information sources and services including navigation, road rescue, infortainment, and WLAN.

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    Individualized information services enabled by Audi connect WIFI App

    Among the features offered by Audi connect WIFI App are Last Mile Navigation, POI Transmission, Dragonfly FM, all making more accurate navigation and entertainment information tailed to your needs within the reach of your fingertips.

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    Audi connect car2x service: further guarantee for safety and quality

    Audi connect car2x service consists of two functional modules: remote control, and safety and service quality guarantee. It keeps a user informed of car conditions while contributing to safety and service quality.

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