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Audi connect®

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Audi connect®

Audi connect® provides the link between your car and the internet.
More intelligent, More useful, More accessible.
Latest information and entertainment funtion converge to users
Integrate driver ,cars with environment through your connect.
Be a better self for Audi drive experience

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    Enjoy Audi connect®

    Once the route planning was done well in advance, people would be unprepared for the small conditions on the way, and the long-distance driving was so boring. Until the emergence of Audi connect Internet technology, all the things that used to be in the past. Open Audi connect technology journey immediately.

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    All new Audi connect® More intelligent, more useful, more accessible.

    Audi connect® provides the link between your car and the internet.
    Offering users a range of assistance, information, entertainment and security features to keep you connected wherever you go.
    All new Audi connect® is what we called open service platform for innovation.

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    Connect® CARE for e-tron Green commuting in convenient

    The Audi e-tron electric vehicle offers a unique set of Audi connect® features designed specifically to help e-tron owners with charging and trip planning.
    In order to check the condition and the location of charging station before the trip.
    Audi e-tron owners can pre-program their vehicles to activate the climate control system and battery charging from a remote location.

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    Audi connect® car2x services, belt and braces for services and safety

    Audi connect® including emergency assistance,long-range control,after service,etc. All of these functions help users acknowledge car condition and acquire the safety and assurance at the same time.