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Audi Design

At Audi the design always expresses advancement through technology
Progressive solutions are applied to harmonize form and function within the design

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    Operating concept for the year 2030

    How will we be operating cars ten years from now? With gestures, voice control, via holograms or with our eyes? Audi is shaping the future together with us.

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    The time traveller

    The Audi exterior designer Jason Battersby lives and breathes his work at the Ingolstadt Design Centre - and he has a burning passion for Star Wars. Over a period of four months, he recreated the TIE Fighter Starfighter model in his spare time. His adopted city of Munich provided Battersby with the necessary inspiration - and Audi gave him the freedom.

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    Modern touch

    The MMI touch response operating system in Audi models uses sensory stimuli to optimize human-machine interactions. Haptic, acoustic and visual responses on the two central touchscreens take operation to a whole new level.

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    The future of product design is green

    Three billion tons: that is the mass of high-quality materials disposed of as waste each year in the European Union. We want to clean up the throwaway society. The biological material cycle of Audi leaves no waste behind – and is inspired by nature.

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    Full-size class design

    Nothing brings out similarities and differences quite like a family photo. While one oozes confidence and another flexes muscles, a third impresses with elegant looks. All three – the new A8, A7 Sportback and A6 – have undergone changes and their characters have now been brought more sharply into focus than ever before. And yet their shared DNA is unmistakable.

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