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Piloted Driving

Piloted Driving


The invisible driver

Call it the evolution of assistance systems or a revolution of the driving experience: At Audi, piloted driving is about to become a reality.The Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept vehicle, aka “AJ”, was built by Audi engineers to demonstrate the extremes: the performance of piloted driving under the most demanding conditions possible.
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Ring. Leader!

In just over two minutes, it was all over. And yet, when the Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept came to a standstill on the start-finish line in Hockenheim, something momentous had just been proven: Audi has the sportiest piloted car in the world.
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Everything combined, all in one place: The central driver assistance control unit

Using synergies and saving space: Audi is pursuing a revolutionary approach with regard to its driver assistance systems. Instead of using spatially separate control units – as is the case today with all driver assistance systems e.g. park, night vision or lane assist – in future Audi will combine everything together in one place: In the central driver assistance control unit, or zFAS for short.
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Underrated qualities: semiconductors in the car

The technology itself may not look that impressive, but its significance for the car of the future is immense: semiconductors are the source of innovations. Already over 80 percent of all new technologies are made possible because of them.
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Piloted to the peak: Audi TTS Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak, 4,301 metres high, situated in the Front Range of the fascinating Rocky Mountains. 156 bends, all of them tight, narrow and steep. In a nutshell: an El Dorado for the motor sport elite that has been meeting here every year since 1916 for the world-famous “Pikes Peak International Hill Climb” (PPIHC).
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The core of all innovations: semiconductors

The human body is 80% water. Water fulfils many of the functions that are vital for survival. Cars, too, have an element that plays a similarly vital role in assuring their functions: semiconductors. About 80 percent of all innovations depend directly or indirectly on semiconductors.
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Far out on the salt flats, an Audi TTS is driving in circles. An unconventional location. An unconventional car. Because it has no driver, and lap after lap it carves the pattern of Audi’s four rings in the salt flats.
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