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Audi ultra

One of our core targets is to dissolve the contradiction between efficiency and performance by delivering CO2-neutral mobility without compromise. Audi ultra is more out of less. Audi ultra is the sum of our most efficient ideas.
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Anything to be slim

Being the ideal weight and having a dream figure are not only concerns in the beauty industry. Automotive engineers also have to think seriously about the weight spiral. The key is lightweight construction, and die-cast aluminium plays a major role in achieving it.
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More than ten kilograms lighter – thanks to aluminium die-casting, it has been possible to reduce the weight of the two suspension strut caps in the Audi A6 compared with the previous version made of steel.
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Super fast

From zero to 100 km/h in only 1.83 seconds – that is faster than the fastest car in the world. In this short space of time, the aluminium die-casting machine piston presses liquid aluminium into a steel mould, which ultimately gives the structural body component its shape.
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Super hot

It is hot in the foundry. The liquid aluminium in the melting furnace has a slightly red glow. The alloy has now reached a temperature of 720 degrees – perfect for die casting.
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Depending on the engine version, the new A3 weighs up to 80 kilograms less than its predecessor. Audi is putting enormous effort into ultra-lightweight design in series production.
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