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Audi Connect

Audi Connect

Audi connect provides information and entertainment functions and links cars as well as drivers, the Internet and the infrastructure into a network, thus elevating driving comfort and fun to a new level. With a light touch with your fingers, it can elevate your driving experience to a new level at one step and can ensure a high level of driving convenience and comfort for you.

Start the Audi connect internet technology journey

Instantly start the Audi connect internet technology journey: road rescue service makes the travel more peace of mind; car Wi-Fi, Internet access at any time; smart butler, information to enjoy; smart navigation, save time and worry; Car2x service, easy to control the car.
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Introduction of Audi connect functions

Audi connect can access the Internet in real time, thus improving the interaction between human beings and the car as well as the environment. It can provide a series of information and services online, including navigation, road rescue, infotainment and wireless LAN.
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Audi connect WIFI App

Audi connect WIFI App can offer you personalized information services, including the last-kilometer navigation, POI Send2Car and dragonfly FM, so as to further place navigation information and personalized entertainment information at your fingertips.
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Audi connect car2x services

Audi connect car2x services include remote control, safety protection and service assurance functions. Through Audi connect car2x services, you can remotely learn your vehicle conditions and timely get access to safety protection and service assurance.
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