Audi Aicon Concept Car: All the Possibilities for An Autonomous Car in the Future

Audi Aicon autonomous driving concept car opens the doors to the future of L5 autonomous driving. The removal of physical steering wheel and pedals combines innovations relating to the drivetrain, suspension, digitalization and sustainability in a visionary manner. It is also well prepared to provide first-class comfort, communication technology as well as freedom for the passengers, exploiting every possibility offered by an autonomous luxury sedan of the future. In addition, Audi Aicon applies illuminating areascomprising 3D pixellight fields instead of conventional headlights and lighting units.

Exterior Design

The Audi Aicon looks spectacular from any angle. Its sheer size-an exterior length of 5,444 millimeters, a width of 2,100 millimeters and a height of 1,506 millimeters-places it in the automotive top tier, the D segment.The designers reduced the front and rear ends to a minimum of lines and focused on large, uninterrupted surfaces. Meanwhile, the Aicon front features the inverted hexagonal Singleframe, a typical feature of the upcoming generation of electric cars from Audi. The sharply inclined silhouette of the entire front end evokes a sense of forging ahead-this, too, is a typical sports car body line.

LED Lighting Technology

Conventional headlights and lighting units are absent from both the front and rear of this concept car. Instead, there are fully digital display surfaces comprising hundreds of triangular pixel segments. They are three-dimensional recreations of the Audi AI symbol. Grouped around the Singleframe are large light fields, in which-as at the rear-more than 600 3D pixels are arranged in space. The large surfaces and high pixel count enable versatile graphics, animations and information visualizations in any color.
The Audi Aicon is thus no longer bound to a daytime running lights look, but rather can adapt to the driving situation and even its passengers. The customization is boundless. Horizontally cut lighting segments to the left and right of the Singleframe look like eyes and can be expanded to resemble wide pupils or squinted for an aggressive look. If the car detects passers-by or other road users, it literally makes eye contact with them and follows them with its eyes.

Interior Design

The Audi Aicon features opposed doors that open to the front and rear.The entire breadth of the interior is thus exposed to the passengers as they get in the car. The entire interior is simplified to create the impression of unique spaciousness.
On the other hand, there is also plenty of space in the Audi Aicon long-distance vehicle for luggage, of course. Thanks to the space-saving design of the electric drive, there is a storage compartment at both the front and the rear of the vehicle with a combined capacity of roughly 660 liters. The Aicon also offers numerous storage options in the passenger compartment.

Operation and Communication

The Audi Aicon opens up a new world of mobility to its passengers. Freed from the tasks of driving, they can choose how to spend their time in the car. Working, communicating or simply just relaxing and even napping: Anything is possible while the car autonomously and safely finds its way.
The full range of services offered by modern communications electronicsavailable at all times makes it possible for you to conduct a video conference or interact with others on the social media.Depending on the seating position, the passengers can use the large front display as the output surface or a virtual head-up image displayed above it in the windshield.The glass roof panels can block out the sunlight, if desired. Their transparency level changes upon application of an electric voltage. Integrated OLED lighting elements allow for precise mood lighting andthe even illumination of the interior when getting in or out of the car, for instance.

Powertrain System

A highly efficient electric drive provides for the dynamics of the Audi Aicon. A total of four electric motors are located in the area of the front and rear axles. The energy storage units are integrated into the area below the floor. The four electric motors produce a total of 260 kW and 550 Nm power. Each drives one wheel, enabling electronically controlled, variable quattro all-wheel drive.
As a true quattro, the Audi Aicon offers ample performance and always reaches its destinations in a customized and safe fashion regardless of the weather or road surface. The suspension is designed for maximum comfort. Pneumatic spring and damper units smooth out any road surface irregularities.